Florham Park, N.J. -No need to worry for paranoid fans who might of been scared this roller-coster saga would take some weird unexpected bump in the night. Yes, Darrelle Revis was back on the practice field today, but he was not the only player to return.

On one of the first plays of practice, the players joined in mockingly cheering Revis as he made an easy catch and open jog towards the end-zone in routine non-contact interception drills.

With all the cameras clearly focused on Revis, safety Jim Leonhard yelled out, “Hey T-Rich is back too.” The news broke yesterday as Rex Ryan confirmed, during yesterday’s press conference, that Richardson would be returning in time for week one. Today Richardson was back on the practice field with his team. It appears the original move to cut Richardson was a cautionary move just incase Revis didn’t return, as they waived cornerback Brian Jackson in order to bring Richardson back. If Richardson plays in week one his contract situation would be the same as before he got cut.

Fullback, Tony Richardson, was a surprise cut over the weekend, but the Jets moved quickly to bring him back to the team. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

That is of course assuming he plays in week one and Jets’ management isn’t still trying to pinch pennies.

Ryan was thrilled to get Richardson back on the practice field, yesterday Ryan was asked if he played a role in bring Richardson back and Ryan said, “Yeah, I just said, ‘Let’s get him in, quick.’ The thing is, we felt pretty confident we could get T-Rich back, but there’s still the possibility that someone gets him and convinces him (to go elsewhere). We had to get this deal done quick, so that’s what we did.”

One of the other surprise cuts also returned to the team, as the Jets re-signed running back Chauncey Washington to the practice squad. Washington made strong impressions on everyone this preseason and it was somewhat perplexing to see him cut, especially after the last preseason game’s performance against the Eagles.

Don’t be surprised to see Washington make his way on to the active roster at least for certain games. If the Jets need an extra running back it’s hard to imagine they would turn to McKnight to play smash-mouth football, having to plow his way through the tackles. Ryan, Tannenbaum and every other coach have been publicly critical of McKnight’s consistency and until he can improve on that Washington should be ahead of him in that particular role. If god-forbid Shonn Greene gets hurt, Washington is clearly the running back on the team who fits the ground-and-pound style best.

When Ryan was asked to speak on brining Washington back and explain what he has to prove to make his way onto the active roster, Ryan said, “He really did, I mean he was you know, there was a guy that was close to making this team. I mean very close. He’s just got to continue to be himself and do a job. Sometimes when you just have your roster, the first couple of weeks a lot of times, your bringing in guys, you’ll see how they fit and all those types of things and then you make adjustments and I think you can see that last year. Danny Woodhead started out on the practice squad and ended up making the team and playing in the playoff games for us.”

It’s always easy to tell when Ryan is excited, after all when isn’t he excited in someway? These last couple of days he has had an extra bounce in his step though, the sense of relief from finally having a set complete roster has clearly made this man even jollier than normal.

Today Ryan’s opening statement was short and simple, saying, “That was good, the energy was great today. Obviously, I don’t know why there seemed like there were a lot of people with cameras and all that kind of stuff today, for some reason I’m not sure what it was (clearly joking about all the cameras focused on Revis).”

Conspiracy theorists should have a field day with this, HBO’s, “Hard Knocks,” were here in Florham Park in full force yesterday for their shots of Revis, but most of them scurried off as soon as Revis was done conducting interviews. Today there was just one lonely NFL Film’s camera, but of course it was following Revis’ every move.

As the defensive backs lined up for drills, Leonhard noticed someone was missing and with his trademarked subtle deadpan sense of humor said, “Here we go, everyone’s waiting on Revis.”

Well turns out the familiar feeling wasn’t just that they were waiting on Revis, but in fact that Revis was off doing his own thing. No worries, he was just off practicing one-on-one with defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman.

As Revis was off on his island with Thurman, the rest of the defensive backs were running standard, cut, turn around and catch drills directly in front of the writers. After making their plays, Antonio Cromartie and Marquice Cole, nearly steamrolled a writer who shall remain nameless. (Hint: said writer may have written the very article your reading now.)

Anyone who thinks the Jet coaches were playing up the intensity and vulgarity for the HBO cameras, should have seen practice today, because nothing has changed from the coaches, especially special teams coach Mike Westhoff. That theory would have been immediately removed from the doubter’s brain the second they heard Westhoff barking his expletive-laced rants.

Kyle Wilson was back returning punts, preparing for the kick-returning duties that he is expected to fulfill. Leonhard was back there with him, sharing reps, but also coaching the rookie. When asked if it was set that Wilson would return kicks, Ryan said, “We’ll definitely give him a shot. Cause I know he’s been itching to go at it, he does an outstanding job back there, so I would not be surprised if he’s back there. You know Jim Leonhard, Jericho (Cotchery), we got some guys who can return punts that’s for sure.”

As the media’s time to view practice was coming to a close, the media got to hear their first song being played, at an extremely loud volume, for the players. Many members of the media were downright shocked from what they were hearing, especially the one’s who haven’t grown up with rap being popular their entire lives. The rapper who was being played was Young Jeezy, the specific song will not be identified, after all JetsInsider is a family website.


The Jets’ also signed, defensive lineman Jarron Gilbert  a 2009 first-round draft pick, to the practice squad for some added depth after he was waived from Chicago.

Ryan didn’t have to disclose any injury information today, but he did say Brodney Pool sat out again, just riding the bike and he hopes to have him back for practice on Thursday, but Ryan didn’t sound overly optimistic. Ryan said, “I’m not sure about that (If Pool would practice Thursday). He’s got a pretty good ankle sprain, but we’ll see, I know he’s getting better.”

Pool has been walking around with a protective sleeve on his ankle, but there is no limp of any kind to signal a serious problem, but there is a big difference between walking around normally and being able to cut and turn on a dime repeatedly.

The Jets have the day off tomorrow, because of the Monday night game, and they will resume regular practice on Thursday. For weeks, almost months people were saying they were sick and tired of hearing about the ongoing Revis drama and they didn’t want to hear anymore until he either signed or games have past without him in uniform.

Well, Revis signed and now it seems like people can’t get enough Revis talk. So if you are one of those people that want to hear every last detail about how the players, coaches and Revis feel about his return, make sure to check back in here at JetsInsider.com for a full in-depth report, filled with hysterical quotes, on the last couple of days that have been dubbed, “Revis Mania.” There will also be more on the return of Richardson, thoughts from Sanchez, about the upcoming game against Baltimore, and a progress update on Calvin Pace.
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