Coming at you from the Jets press room right now with 49ers head coach Mike Singletary on conference call.

I just found out that Singletary’s last season in the league as a player for the Bears was Favre’s first season with Green Bay. It’s pretty amazing to think that he is now coaching against the legendary quarterback.

Singletary said how he could see from the onset that Brett was going to be something special.

“You could hear the ball when he passed it,” he said of Favre’s rocket arm.

Additionally, Singletary spoke at Eric Mangini’s high school, motivating the Jets head coach as a youngster. Now they’ll be facing each other Sunday in a must-win for New York. That’s easier said than done. Gang Green is 0-2 on the West Coast this season. Hopefully it wasn’t the jetlag that plagued the Jets-no pun intended-against San Diego and Oakland.

The 49ers are certainly an up-and-coming team despite being 4-8. Singletary is 2-3 since taking over in San Francisco, including a win at Buffalo this past Sunday. After Singletary, Takeo Spikes took the phone, and he said as he sees it, they’re still alive. I smell danger for Mangini’s team, but what you smell isn’t always what it is. Who smelled Denver coming into Giants Stadium and handling the Jets the way they did?

Funny thing about the NFL, you really never know what’s going to happen. I know, I know, all sports are like that. But in the NFL, common opponents, favorable statistics and all that business really go out the window come gameday, be it a Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Saturday.

“The bottom line is you can be beat any week,” Favre said. “In pro football, you just never know. Everyone says, ‘Oh you know, you guys out beat them. Oakland blew them out.’ What does that mean? That means nothing.

“I have no idea what Denver will do this week. I have no idea what San Francisco will do. I hope I know what we’ll do. We play our type of football, what has gotten us to this point.”

What has gotten the Jets to this point is solid football. Not necessarily mistake-free, but less mistakes than their opponents, and really just winning the little battles. And for the record, this point has the Jets still a game ahead of New England and Miami for first place in the AFC East despite a loss.

That’s right Jets fans, you give one up-terribly I might add-and you’re still in first place. Forget about the top two seeds in the AFC though. Assuming they follow suit, Pittsburgh and Tennessee should wrap those up. In a tie-breaker situation, being that Pittsburgh hasn’t played New York head-to-head, it would go to conference records. Pittsburgh: 8-1 in the AFC, New York: 6-4. It’s not mathematically impossible, but it’s certainly not likely.

But of course, this is the NFL. Evidently anything is possible.

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