FLORHAM PARK, N.J – From the very first day of training camp Plaxico Burress has dominated the headlines and garnished the majority of the attention, all without taking part in team practices. The first week was all about the signing and why he choose to sign here as well as why the Jets choose to sign him. Then came the rolled/tweaked/sprained ankle saga that became all consuming, whether you were actually worried about the ankle or not.

It’s easy to understand why people were worried about the injury, after all it has been quite some time since Burress actually played football, but the way people so blatantly ignored the word ‘precautionary’ every time Rex Ryan said it in reference to Burress is another issue all together.

While Burress did get back to practice, it wasn’t really the busiest of days for him as he only had one pass thrown to him in team drills. There are many reasons why this would occur; Sanchez getting comfortable with his new target, having a top flight corner always covering him and sometimes the read just points to a different direction, but obviously everyone in attendance was selfishly hoping to see him get more work and no one wanted to see that more than Rex Ryan.

“I thought he did good, I wish we would give him the ball a few more times.” Ryan joked. “We were all waiting for it, finally he caught one for about 15 yards or so, but he looks good.

“I was just like you guys, I was like ‘he’s out there, let’s throw it to him,’ but you know the play dictates where your reads are.”

Jets WR Plaxico Burress was in full practice mode today and showed no signs of a sore ankle. (Jetsinsider.com Photo)

In one-on-one drills Burress made a spectacular leaping and diving catch that wowed the audience, even if his feet did just barely land out of bounds. But regardless of if it would have counted or not, the play was the perfect example of the type of threat Burress poses to defenders and just how dangerous of a weapon he can be for the Jets.

“His radius or area of catching the ball (is amazing).” Ryan said, “The thing about him is he looks good. He looks good running, but his strength is going to be using that body and that great length to go up and catch passes.”

After practice Burress and his coach both answered questions about his current health status in very similar fashion.

“No I think he’s back and healthy…Without question I think he’ll be in there.” Ryan said when asked if he expects Burress to play in the game on Sunday. Ryan thinks Burress looked great and Burress says he feels great and went through the entire practice without any “limitations,” he said he just went out and played without thinking about the ankle.

And as for whether or not he expects to play on Sunday, Burress said, “I don’t see why I shouldn’t be full go, my goal is to go out there and do as many reps as they let me.”

Burress continued to stress that he was going to just worry about being himself and with that will come all the success Jets fans are waiting for and it’s doubtful there is another quote that could sum up his confidence and what he could mean to the team as this one.

“I’m just trying to be who I’m supposed to be.” Burress said, “Like I tell him (Sanchez), the ball doesn’t have to be extremely accurate just give me a chance to make a play on the ball and I’ll show what I can do.”

Yeah Sanchez just give him the ball (it doesn’t even have to be extremely accurate), because we are all waiting for Burress to show us exactly what he can do.

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