Florham Park, NJ — Here we go again. It is said week in and week out but this is another big game for the New York Jets. Let’s face it, every game from here on out is a big game for them, but that is beside the point. This week they have to focus on the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium, where the air is thin and the spirits are high from the semi-professional play of QB Tim Tebow.

After a beating by the division rivals, the Jets and coach Ryan have an advantage to get a bounce back win tomorrow. This is what the sidelines could look like tomorrow night if the Jets come in with a chip on their shoulder and revenge their loss on a short week. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

Up until last week in the game against the New England Patriots, the Jets were looking to be on the right track with full steam ahead but after getting their butts handed to them by their ‘daddy’ they need to bounce back with a big win tomorrow night.

The Broncos are the perfect team to get this win against. The play of Tebow is inconsistent and eratic at times but the only thing that stands in the way is the confidence the team has built around him. Even when the Broncos are not playing as well as possible they still are finding ways to win, whether it is behind the cheer of their fans or the boost they get from young Tebow who is known for his team leading skills.

Even though Tebow can be a bit iffy at times, coach Rex Ryan isn’t looking past his professionalism.

“Obviously he’s a legitimate quarterback, where most guys, we used to see Miami run their version of the wildcat with a great running back in Ronnie Brown. But, obviously Ronnie wasn’t a great thrower. We do have experience against the Wildcat before. Tebow is obviously a better passer than most guys back there.” Ryan said.

The team has been watching film to get ready for the young Tebow, but is it enough to be fully prepared for the real live action against the former Florida Gator.

“It has to be. We’re not going back to Florida tape, but we saw him in preseason as well. He went against my brother in the first preseason game. I will say this, we don’t really know what they’re going to do because they’ve been really multiple.” Ryan said. “Sometimes they spread them out. They’ll go to empty and then run the ball with the quarterback. Running “O” plays and all that stuff. So, no matter what you see, you’ll probably start by saying, it’s probably a run, and then we’ll defend the pass after it. But you’re looking at formations or personnel groupings that tell you it’s going to be a pass, and it’s not with this group. So, that’s a little different, but you better be sound and obviously assume he’s running with it.”

The Jets defense will have to be on their toes for this one because they aren’t trying to get embarrassed like they did Sunday night. Yes, the Broncos offense isn’t the Patriots offense but any team could beat another on every given Sunday and the Jets defense needs to be up for it in order to have a chance to dominate.

The Jets offense isn’t a red flag this week. They have been playing well and moving the ball up and down the field when they want to. Up until last week, the run game has seemed to be making a strong return and QB Mark Sanchez had been making better throws and better choices behind center. Also, we cannot forget about the play of their offensive line who has beem creating holes for the running backs and protecting Sanchez in order for him to make the throws to his big name receivers who also have been being incorporated more lately.

The main focus for the Jets tomorrow night is their defense and special teams. These two aspects of the game need to be at 100% and mistake free in order for them to win this game in Denver. I have confidence the offense will bounce back this week because they have been making a positive climb in the last few weeks but the defense needs to play more consistent.

I think the Jets have a big come back game this week and don’t suffer from the loss agaisnt their division rivals. They need to put it past them and move on and look to the playoffs and if they have to go through New England to get there then that’s what it will take but their motto should be ‘take on game at a time’.

Prediction: Jets get a victory tomorrow night — (24-13)
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