FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — How fitting is this? Rex Ryan’s confident/swagger filled Jets needing not only a win down in Miami but they need a bit of help from their fellow colleagues. In order for the Jets to secure the AFC’s No.6 spot, a winning New York team needs the Tennesse Titans to lose in Houston vs. the Texans, the Cincinnati Bengals to lose at home against the Baltimore Ravens as well as either the Denver Broncos to lose at home vs. the Kansas City Chiefs or the Oakland Raiders to lose in the black hole against the San Diego Chargers. Confused yet? Basically the Jets need a win and then just sit back and wait and hope for the best.

I guarantee... Rex has some big shoes to fill after what he said before the season got under way. Is luck on their side? And if so, can they be a rejuvenating team if they fall in? (JetsInsider.com Photo)

The Jets just haven’t looked like the teams that made it to back to back AFC Championship games in the past two seasons. They have shown some familiar spark but not on a consistant level and that is probably the main reason why this situation they have put themselves in is now out of their hands. Coach Ryan knows this wasn’t what his team and the organization was hoping for.

“Have we had the results we were hoping for? No, but again, the season is not over,” Ryan said. “Maybe we’ll look at everything, obviously, at the end of the season, but right now we are competing for [the playoffs]. We’ve got a chance and we need to find a way to get it done this week.”

Does the team have a chance? Absolutley, but has anyone witnessed the play the last two weeks. The Jets got manhandled by the Philadelphia Eagles (who have shown some great things even though they aren’t contending in the playoffs) 45-19 and in last week’s game at “home” against the New York Football Giants where the offense looked completely confused and the defense got burned in the second half as the Jets lost 29-14. So before any Jet players or coaches start hoping for losses, they need to take care of business in Miami first and foremost then they can make their wishes.

The Miami Dolphins started (0-7) but have seemed to step up and are (5-3) since the dismal start. RB Reggie Bush (knee) has been ruled out but the other offensive weapon WR Brandon Marshall, is ready to go. Of course him being who he is as a WR, it caught the attention of CB Darrelle Revis and he his looking foward to the challenge.

“It’s great. It’s always a good fight between me and him. We compete, that’s all we do. We know each other on and off the field, so it’s all respect 100 percent.” Revis said.

Even after the last two weeks the Jets have had, I would expect them to come out and get a win. The team should have some confidence coming in. New York beat Miami 24-6 on October 17 but hasn’t swept a season series against the Dolphins since 2007. They have been somewhat of a headache for the Jets the past two and a half seasons.

It’s like any other Sunday, if the coaching is good, the players will execute accordingly. You have to know who you are coaching and call the right plays with the guys that you have. Yes, a lot of Jet players need to step up their game and come out on fire but the coaches have to know how to use their pawns before they start making moves.

Prediction: I think the Jets will win this game (score unknown) even though I’m sure the Dolphins would love to play spolier to their division rival, but as everyone already knows it’s not in their hands anymore. We will see how it all unfolds tomorrow.


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