FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — The Jets will be playing a home game this Sunday at MetLife Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs and some old faces will be reuniting. Up and coming (sort of) Cheifs QB Tyler Palko and arguably the top CB in the NFL, Darrelle Revis who were former teammates at Pitt will be going against one another once again.

This 'reunion' might be in favor of CB Darrelle Revis. Look for him to be on top of his game...not like he needs a reason. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

What could be said about Revis this year other than he has been a shut down corner which is expected from him week in and week out. His only mishap has to be the game against the Buffalo Bills and the immature WR Stevie Johnson where he gave up his first and only touchdown so far this season. Sounds like Revis is filling the shoes that the analysts and his coach are putting him in.

Now we move to Palko who has had some ups and downs in his five games at the QB position so far this season. The young lefty has had some trouble filling the role for the Chiefs but he is still a professional and any athlete could break out of their slump at any time. His statistics are both good and bad. ( 62.7 % completion – (good) – 601 passing yards (bad) – 1 touchdown with 6 interceptions (bad) and an overall 57.7 QB rating (bad). The only number that is half decent is his completion percentage but let’s not forget, it’s only through five games.

The struggling QB is running into an old friend on Sunday and seeing as Revis played with him in college, that should give the advantage to Revis. As I mentioned before everyone is a professional in this league and Revis understands Palko is a competitor and has to be at the top of his game no matter what people may think.

“We’ve had a lot of battles at Pitt. He knows how I play. I know how he plays. It’s good. I’m sure he’s excited about this week, just as much as I am. He’s a big-time competitor. He showed it at Pitt and then I’m sure he’s going to try and show it on Sunday.” Revis said.

Even though the Chiefs run a conservative offense (based on their young QB’s stats) the Jets defense needs to be at the top of their game and make the necessary adjustments themselves in order to beat this team and keep their playoff hopes alive. Revis knows if they focus on the Chiefs main offensive players, they should have no problem getting a win this Sunday.

“We know there (are) playmakers on their team.” Revis said, “I think we just need to focus on those guys that they have who are playing right now. This week, the focus is Tyler Palko and for the secondary for us is (Dwayne) Bowe and Jonathan Baldwin. I think we focus on those guys and we’ll take care of business.”

The Jets are an overall better team than the Chiefs and should have no problem ‘taking care of business’ at home on Sunday. They need to play smart and consistant and they should get a win. Keep your eyes on Revis, if the ball is thrown his way he might have an interception this week… Just my opinion.

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