Florham Park, N.J.– Over the first four weeks the Jets have had to play four games without two of their best players, and two and a half games without their best player. On top of that Sean Ellis left last Sunday’s game with an apparent knee injury.

Through all this the Jets survived, barely losing their home opener 10-9, to a tough Ravens team, but they managed to shake off the rust and kinks and responded by winning their next three games in impressive fashion.

Today it seems everyone will be back ready to play on Monday night against the Vikings as all four players participated in practice.

Darrelle Revis says he is feeling much better, but is still saying he is day-to-day. Rex however says he is confident both Revis and Pace will play Monday. (Jetsinsider.com Photo)

Sean Ellis has had a great start to the season, applying all types of pressure on opposing quarterbacks, but he injured his knee on a sack on Fitzpatrick last week. Ellis had an MRI on Monday that revealed no structural damage to the knee and although he was limited in practice day there is a good chance he will play on Monday night.

In fact there was a a long list of players that were limited today, Rex Ryan said, “Here’s the deal, John Conner had a little neck thing, but he was full today. So he’s fine. Guys that were limited today; Calvin Pace, Wayne Hunter, Nick Mangold, Revis, Jason Taylor and Sean Ellis.” Ryan also said Jamaal Westerman was the only player to not participate in practice today.

All though those players were limited, it appears as though they will be ready to play Monday night. Even if none of them or their coach would declare that they would definitely play, but Ryan did say, “I feel confident both guys (Pace and Revis) will play.”

Calvin Pace seems like a sure bet to play, in fact as previously thought he could of played last week if needed, but they felt he wasn’t completely ready and decided not to rush him back. Every word that came out of Pace’s mouth sounded like he was fully expecting to play on Monday, but he stopped just short of guaranteeing he would play.

Pace said, “I feel good I really do. I think that extra time in not playing Sunday really helped me out and the benefit of having a long week, you know with us playing on Monday. So everyday I’ve been getting more treatment, practicing I think is going to help. Getting the feel of going against another guy running around and, you know, God willing Monday it’s back to normal.”

When asked that although it’s not official, it sounds like he will play Pace said, “I’m good, yeah. You know, just being able to get in and watch some film, get out and do some practicing and the week is going to pick up more and more. So, you know, really just getting as many reps as I can get in the football playing mind frame.”

Revis is making progress and says he is feeling better everyday. Again everything points to Revis being ready for Monday night, but he and the Jets are still considering him as day-to-day as they don’t want to commit to saying he will definitely play.

Both Revis and the Jets are sticking with the thought that Revis has to be at 100 percent if he is going to play as they obviously want to avoid aggravating the hamstring, but it is becoming apparent Revis is getting restless and wants to be out on the field.

Revis said, “My mind’s telling me I’m ready to go there, but my hamstring, it’s day by day right now. You know, it felt good today, I ran as much as I can and I didn’t feel no tug or no pull, so as of right now it’s feeling good and we’re just going to take it day by day.”

Ultimately if Revis will play or not depends on how he feels, how he does in certain strength and conditioning tests and what the team doctors say. Revis did acknowledge that there are tests he must pass to know if he can play.

Revis said, “Yeah, you do. There’s a lot of hamstring and hip tests that you have to do. We’ve been doing that for the past two weeks and I’ve been improving each day. I’m still getting treatment and getting it back to where it needs to be.”

Ryan is confident Revis will play, but still made sure to emphasize Revis needs to be 100 percent. Ryan said, “If he’s not ready to go, then we will not put him out there.”

One player who will definitely be playing is Santonio Holmes who is back off his four-game suspension and with the way the offense has been playing without him it’s easy to understand why everyone around here is excited to get Holmes back to provide another dimension to the offense.

Homles said, “I was grinding from 9:00-1:00 everyday, whether it was by myself, whether I had two or three guys with me. I was lifting weights from 9 to about 10:45, I was on the field from 11-1. I was running routes, I was in the sand pit, doing all kind of drills in the sand trying to strengthen my legs, so I don’t get fatigued and I can play all four quarters.”

Holmes was asked if he thought he might have trouble working his way into the offense and said, “No, because I’m pretty sure I trust Schotty enough, that he’s going to put in the right place, allow me to make plays for this team and continue to move forwards.”

Holmes has not been surprised in the least with the success the offense has had without him saying, “Not at all, not at all. I’ve been here since April so, we’ve worked together, done a lot of things together so to just put it all together for the first four games, is just what we set out to do.”

When Sanchez was asked about Holmes immediate role, Sanchez said, “I mean it will be whenever we need him, whenever Schotty wants to put him in. We haven’t decided exactly what he’s going to do, but we’ll have plenty of stuff for him to do and we’ll just mix him in to what we’ve been doing and he’ll be ready to go.”

Sanchez was asked if, considering the success the offense is currently having, if there is such a thing as having too many options for an offense, he said, “I don’t think so. I mean we can just run our same plays and put him in there sometimes, then put Braylon in there and switch it up and put J-Co in there. I don’t know it’s the same stuff, nothings really changed, really not much different. we just have one more explosive player on the field. Who knows he make take a hitch for 90 yards, that’d be great, that’d be awesome.”

Adding another explosive weapon to this offense, combined with their best pass rusher and best corner on defense, leaves awesome as clearly the most suitable word to describe the general feeling of Jets fans about their enthusiasm for the rest of the season.


Since there seems to be some confusion as to when Santonio Holmes actually arrived today, it makes sense to decode the mixed messages the best I can.

Ryan said, “I know one thing, he was here at six in the morning. He couldn’t wait to get back to playing football (and) back to his teammates.”

Homles said he woke up extra early this morning amped up and excited to get back to practice, no one asked what time he arrived or why he was late to the practice field as it didn’t seem to be a concern. It seems he did in fact arrive at the Jets facilities very early in the morning, Ryan said 6:00, but he could of just been guesstimating or slightly exaggerating as he has been known to do.
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