Florham Park, N.J.– For the second straight week Darrelle Revis has been ruled out for Sunday. The Secondary will have to wait at least another week to have their All-World corner, back and will have to hope the change made by giving Coleman more reps will be enough to hold off the Bills.

Calvin Pace is still progressing, but Ryan is becoming less confident that their best pass rusher will be ready for this sunday.

Ryan said, “Calvin Pace, you know, we had him doing some drills and all that kind of jazz, but he really did not participate in team drills. So we’ll see about that, I’m not as optimistic as I was, but I’m definitely not saying he won’t play because I think there is a chance he will.”

For the second straight week the Jet secondary will be without their star corner because of a hamstring injury (JetsInsider.com Photo).

Yesterday Ryan seemed much more confident Pace would get to see the field, but today he seemed much more doubtful. As he said, he wouldn’t quite rule it out, but with the game on Sunday and Pace still not participating in team drills it would seem more likely that they would play it safe and not push him this week.

With the secondary struggling without him on the field, Revis knows his teammates have had trouble communicating on the defensive side of the ball and is trying to help his teammates, specifically Kyle Wilson, the best he can.

“I mean I’ve talked to Kyle (Wilson), numerous times. I told him, you know, it’s the rookie stage, right now, for him and he’s going to have to get through the bumps.” Revis said, “There’s going to be bumps as a rookie and the best thing you got to do is learn from your mistakes very fast and progress from there. That’s what he has been doing and it’s just a matter of time before he’s out there making plays and making interceptions.”

Revis said, “I feel a lot better (than last week), the process is going well, I’ve been running so I’m doing everything that I need to do to get back.”

So instead of forcing the issues and risking further injury Revis will once again stay home for treatment on his hamstring while his teammates take a road trip without him.

Jamaal Westerman and Wayne Hunter were also out of practice for the day and it is unlikely that either will play this week.

Nick Mangold and Jason Taylor were both limited in practice just like they were all of last week and just like last week they are fully expected to play.

With the loss of Chauncey Washington and Danny Woodhead, Ryan was asked if Joe McKnight is costing the team talent. Ryan said, “Well, I think he’s a talent. I think he’s got that kind of ability, obviously I never trusted him to make him active initially because of the fumbling. But as far as talent I think he has more talent than a lot of guys that we probably already talked about. It’s just a matter of him doing it.”

Ryan said he is impressed with what he has seen from McKnight recently. Ryan said “He looks a lot better. In fact today I singled out Joe and Matt Kroul. Joe McKnight and Kroul have done an incredible job on the scout team for us. So he’s really coming, there’s no doubt he’s coming and he may be active this week.”

Jet fans are going to need to hear more than him performing well on the scout team to keep them happy, but at least it’s a start and considering what he showed in the preseason any type of good performance is good news. The question remains if it’s good enough news.

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