Florham Park, N.J.- It was mentioned as a mere footnote throughout the day, but it’s impact will ultimately have much more of an effect on game results than the news that dominated the day.

By now you’ve obviously heard about Braylon Edwards’ DWI arrest. If you were to have spent any time at the Jets facilities today, that’s pretty much all you would of heard about. Camera after camera filled the small press conference room up to way past it’s capacity and reporter after reporter asked some variation of maybe three different questions, all on the topic of Edwards.

Not all the news was about Edwards though as Rex Ryan took advantage of this opportunity to inform the media that Darrelle Revis will not be playing this weekend against Miami. In fact, Revis won’t even take the flight he will be staying home in New Jersey getting treatment on his strained hamstring.

Darrelle Revis strained his hamstring last week covering Moss and will have to stay home in Jersey while his teammates play this week's game vs. the Dolphins. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

Ryan opened up the press conference with the injury news, knowing he needed to get it out of the way before the questions shifted to Edwards and Edwards only. Ryan said, “Calvin Pace and Darrelle Revis will not play in this game. We just felt, we might as well let you know now, that Revis is not to where he could play. Alright, so we will leave him back, he won’t make the trip to Miami. He will be getting all kinds of treatment, he’s been (getting) about 12 hours or so of treatment each day. So he’s itching to get back, but it’s too risky of a proposition to put him out there.”

Keeping Revis home is obviously the safe move, but it’s almost definitely the right move. If rest is the only thing that can heal a hamstring than rest is what he needs and not just rest during the week only to then suddenly jump back into game situations. As important as this game is, the Dolphins are a run-first offense and the Jets would rather Revis miss this week then have the hamstring get hurt worse and lose him for a large portion of the season.

When asked about what his feelings are about not being able to play, Revis said, “You know, I mean I’m just supporting my teammates. I wanna be out there with them, but I can’t. So I’m just taking my time to get back to 100 percent and then I’ll be playing again.”

Revis also confirmed that they are taking the safe route not wanting to risk further injury, saying “Yeah I think that’s the situation. The process we are taking now is just be smart about this and when I get 100 percent I’ll be back out there… I am (feeling better), I’m feeling good, I’m progressing everyday and it’s getting better everyday.”

The Dolphins do have a dangerous receiver in Brandon Marshall, but Antonio Cromartie showed the NFL he can step in for Revis quite admirably. Last week Cromartie shut down Randy Moss holding him to zero catches during the second half, this week he will be facing someone he is much more familiar with.

Cromartie has played against Marshall twice a year for the past four years as they were both on different teams in the AFC West, but as soon as one left the division, the other quickly followed.

Of course not all the pressure and responsibility falls on the lengthy arms of Cromartie, rookie Kyle Wilson, Dwight Lowery and Drew Coleman all have to slide up a spot on the depth chart and be ready to contribute in any way their coach asks them to.

The key to how well the Jets defense plays doesn’t change at all, it’s still all about the front seven. The Dolphins have two extremely dangerous and powerful running backs combined with a strong and productive offensive line. They also have the added dimension of this little thing they invented called the, “Wildcat.” If the Jets can stop the run first then Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne will have that much of a harder time trying to get the ball to Marshall or one of his other receivers.

Cromartie should be able to handle the task while Revis heels at home, once Revis is fully healed the All-World corner should jump right back into form as the shut-down corner he is, but for this week at least the Jets will have to survive without him. They hope to survive just like they did in the second-half against the Patriots.

Other Injury News and Notes

Nick Mangold, Jason Taylor and Wayne Hunter were all limited in practice today, but Ryan is expecting them all to be ready to play. Ryan wasn’t sure exactly what happened to Hunter, as the injury occurred in practice earlier in the day, but he said his one shin has swelled up about three times the size of the other.