Florham Park, N.J.– Yesterday Darrelle Revis surprised the media by taking part in individual drills during practice. Calvin Pace didn’t participate at all yesterday, but it was mostly a precautionary move as his foot had some expected soreness from playing his first full game since returning from the injury.

Today both players were back on the field and were both limited in practice, but Rex Ryan managed to deliver some more surprising news that would seem to indicate both players might actually play this week.

Whatever decision Ryan makes on whether or not to play Revis on Sunday, he will have no one to scream at but himself if his decision blows up in his face after saying the final decision will ultimately be up to him. (Jetsinsider.com Photo).

When asked if he had a better idea on when he might make the decision to play Revis or not Ryan said, “I do. After talking to Darrelle and all that we’re going to take him to Denver, one way or the other, because he wants to be with his team, whether he can play or not, and that’s where I want him, also. Okay, so we will definitely take him to Denver with us. Hopefully he’ll be ready to play. He looked good today. Again though it’s too early to say he’s definitely going to play. I’m still not comfortable with that again.”

So much for knowing if Revis will play by Friday, it now appears this will be another game time decision, either way the Jets defense will be prepared.

Ryan said, “Yeah, could be (a game time decision). We can just– I told the defensive coach to prepare like he’s not playing, and then if all of a sudden it’s kind of a boost when he is playing, obviously. So that’s how we prepared. But he got a lot of reps with the ones today, also.”

If Revis can’t play, Drew Coleman will once again get the start in his place, but Ryan wouldn’t rule out the possibility of playing Revis in a limited role either. “Absolutely (we’d play him in a limited fashion), if that’s what we think ends up being the best thing for us and the best thing for Darrelle, absolutely.” Ryan said, “The only thing is it’s not like you can say, well, play him in sub-packages or something like that. The team is going to be in three wides, all that kind of stuff, four wides, whatever they want. Maybe just say, hey, go out there on 3rd down. We’ll look at all the possibilities.”

Drew Coleman has played well since Ryan inserted him into the first team lineup and make no mistake he wants Revis to be healthy and be able to play, as he knows how good Revis is and he wants to win more than anything else. But if Revis can’t go, or is limited in how much he can play, Coleman is ready to accept the challenge of replacing him.

Coleman was asked if he will be playing the corner or nickel spot this Sunday and said, “Nickel, right now. It just depending on how Revis is. You know, we’re preparing for everything and we’re just going out and Revis had a great practice today. I kept asking him he felt out there and he got tired of me asking how was he feeling, so I just– I always want Darrelle on the field… we’ll be prepared either way.”

With the decision ultimately being Ryan’s choice, he has left himself a wide variety of options to work with. Revis and Ryan have both insisted that they didn’t rush him back too early last week, it was just a matter of his legs not having the strength and endurance to play all the reps he did.

So if they can figure out a way to limit his reps then he should be able to make it through the game a lot easier. Even if they do decide he is 100 percent healthy, it’s probably wise to limit his reps considering how many times the Broncos are likely to pass the ball on Sunday.

As for Pace it’s a much safer bet to say that he will play than Revis, even as it is starting to appear more likely Revis will play. After saying that yes, in fact Pace would also make the trip to Denver Ryan said, “Yeah, he felt good today. Yesterday he was probably worse than Darrelle. That’s how sore he was. But he did really well today, did exactly what was asked, and again, I’m hoping both of them can go, but we’ll see. This is a long flight, and we’ll see how they come out of that flight and then run around a little bit on saturday, and we’ll see how they’re moving around.”

When asked how his foot was feeling today Pace said, “It’s good, it’s better than yesterday. Not as sore, you know, I’ll be ready for Sunday.”

And yes his voice sounded as confident as that reads. Probably the only reason why Ryan is leaving it open is because of the fact that they are coming off of a short week and Pace played more snaps then they would have liked to have him play, but Pace is confident the soreness will decrease each day and he will be amped up and ready to attack Orton on Sunday.

So the debate on to play Revis or not to play Revis will continue. If Ryan does in fact decide to roll the dice and play Revis he better keep his fingers crossed the injury isn’t made worse, because if Revis has to miss an extended period of time Ryan will be taking heat for this decision all season. Of course if he decides to sit Revis and the Jets secondary gets torched then he will have to fall on the sword for that as well.

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