Florham Park, N.J.– There was a surprising sight on the Jets practice field today. After watching Darrelle Revis clearly struggle on the field Monday night and later hearing that he said his hamstring was swollen and sore many people had assumed he would sit out next week against the Broncos, especially with the Jets bye week starting after the game.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when Revis was on the field with the rest of his teammates during the time the media was allowed to watch practice today. Now as previously stated here at JetsInsider.com, there is little more done than light stretching and jog through team drills during the time the media is allowed to watch so as always, check in later for updates for if Revis participation was limited or not.


Rex Ryan said, “Injury update, I know this will surprise everybody, but Darrelle and Calvin didn’t practice today. Darrelle actually did individuals (drills), then was held out of all the team activities”

Immediate reaction after the game, from everyone outside the Jets organization, seemed to be that it would be a wise choice to rest Revis against Denver to make sure he is healthy after the bye week. But Revis and the Jets might be looking at it differently.

Darrelle Revis was back on the field donning that green practice jersey today, whether he will play on Sunday or not remains to be seen. (Jetsinsider.com Photo).

Once again the Jets defense has to face a drastically different offensive team then the team they faced the week before. On Monday night, yes the Jets had to deal with Favre, Moss and Harvin and yes those three did some damage during a short period of time, but the key to stopping the Vikings offense revolves around stopping the powerful Adrian Peterson.

The Broncos are the exact opposite, in fact they have the worst rushing offense in the NFL averaging only 51.8 yards a game, but they have the second best pass offense in the league averaging 333 yards a game.

With all the talk about how impressive Mark Sanchez has been so far this season the Broncos have their own quarterback who continues to surprise people.

Remember the spring of 2009, just before the draft the Broncos where shopping their quarterback Jay Cutler. The Jets were rumored to be interested in trading for him, but the price tag was deemed too high. Enter the Chicago Bears, the Bears willing gave up a first and second round pick in the 2009 draft and another first round pick from this past draft.

And oh yeah, the Bears also threw in a quarterback of their own in exchange for Cutler. The Broncos were looking for draft picks, not to replace Cutler necessarily, but somehow they managed to luck out and get everything in one shot. Broncos fans should be sending Bears management some really nice Christmas presents the way that trade worked out.

In Chicago Orton had flashes of spectacular play, but that team was offensively challenged to put it nicely. So off to Denver he got shipped, where he found he had an extremely dangerous weapon with receiver Brandon Marshall last season. Then this offseason Marshall gets sent packing as part of head coach Josh McDaniels overhaul of the system, trying to get rid of any potential headaches.

Now Orton has a receiving core that consists of Brandon Lloyd, Eddie Royal and Jabar Gaffney, hardly a scary looking lineup on paper. So how is it that they have the second ranked passing attack in football?

It’s been because of Orton’s ability to spread the ball around the field, not just manage the game, but to also know when to take his shots and he has been doing that consistently this season with making very few mistakes.

So far this season Orton has completed 66.2 percent of his passes and has thrown for 1,733 yards, trailing only San Diego’s Philip Rivers by 26 yards. Maybe just as surprising is who Orton’s favorite target has become. Brandon Lloyd has the most receiving yards in the NFL with 589 (117.8 yards a game) and three TDs.

Lloyd has been the very definition of a journeyman throughout his career. He spent the first three years of his career in San Francisco, the next two in Washington with a brief stint in Chicago before finding a home in denver. Lloyd was in Denver last season, but only played in two games catching the ball eight times for a total of 117 yards.

Whatever Lloyd did in the offseason it’s working. He managed to have a couple of big games everywhere he went, but whether it was because of injuries or just inconsistent play he never became a reliable weapon for his team to count on, until this year that is.

Revis clearly wasn’t his normal self on Monday night and with the short week it’s safe to wonder if it would be a mistake to rush him back out on the field against this pass happy team.

Rex Ryan said they stuck Cromartie on Moss Monday night because they didn’t want Revis to have to run 30 go routes throughout the course of the game, what exactly do they think will happen in Denver this Sunday? They might not be throwing 30 go routes to Moss, but they will be sending multiple receivers in every direction and running the Jets corners all around the field.

So with the Broncos possessing this deadly arial assault will the Jets feel they need Revis to shut Orton down or will they take their chances with Cromartie, Coleman, Wilson and Lowery?

Only time will tell, but regardless of the decision the one thing you can count on is that there will be plenty of second guessing going on just as there was last week.

Last week Ryan left the decision on if Revis would play up to Revis himself, this week Ryan is going to make the decision. Ryan said, “I’m going to take on, I mentioned this I had someone relay it to Darrelle today, knowing that you guys were going to speak to Darrelle first before I had the press conference we changed things up. Always trying to do what’s right for you guys (laughing), but I want to make sure I mentioned, I had someone mention to Darrelle that it’s going to be on me. It’s going to be put on my shoulders, this is the way I like it.”

The Jets are leaving to travel to Denver a day earlier than normal so they can take some time to prepare for the altitude change and time difference so the team will be leaving Friday night. Both games Revis sat out were road games and he didn’t travel with the team so the answer of will Revis play will start to clear up a bit on Friday.

If Revis doesn’t get on the plane Friday, obviously he will be staying behind to get treatment if he does get on the plane Ryan said that means they are heavily leaning towards him playing, but it would still most likely be a game time decision as they can’t be sure something won’t happen from the time they take off to the time they play where he could aggravate the injury worse.

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