Florham Park, N.J.– Today was the first time Darrelle Revis talked to the media since his season-ending injury in Miami three weeks ago and it was quite obvious that this entire process has been wearing on him. You could see the hurt in his eyes as well as hear it in his voice.

“I know it was something different, I’ve got hit in the knee a thousands times.” Revis said, “I just knew this wasn’t a hyper-extension in the knee, I just knew it was something worse so I just figured it was an ACL or a meniscus or PCL or something and the doctors told me it was an ACL. When I heard that I knew that I couldn’t play the rest of the season and I just had to wrap my brain around that and just try to get ready for the 2013 season.”

Revis said what hurts most is not being able to be out there on the field with his teammates and contributing, but the pain he felt in the moment he was hurt let him know how serious the injury was.

Darrelle Revis is set to have surgery to repair his torn ACL tomorrow morning and will be able to start jogging again in 12-16 weeks. (Jetsinsider.com Photo)

“It felt like somebody had a knife and just cut through my knee.” Revis said. “That’s the feeling I had when I made that cut. It’s crazy because I’ve made that cut a thousand, a million times and even looking at it on film, looking at the replay it doesn’t look like much. So I guess it was meant to happen at that time, my cleat got caught in the grass and it happened.”

Revis will have surgery (patellar tendon graft) early tomorrow morning in New York City and should be able to start jogging 12-16 weeks after the surgery. Through this process Revis has been talking to any players he knows that have been through this injury before and gathered as much information as possible. Revis said he’s talked to Adrian Peterson, Donovan McNabb, Antonio Cromartie and Sione Po’uha and has been gathering information on Jamaal Charles, “The thing I’m trying to do is just learn as much as I can and try and do this thing the right way so I can get back on the field.

So does Revis think he can still be the same dominate corner when he makes his return?

“I like that question.” Revis said, “Yeah, yeah. If everything goes right and I do everything right with this procedure and this process for the next four to six months than, yeah. You know I’ve never had an injury like this, this is all new to me as well. But yeah I’m a hard worker, I know I’m going to work my butt off and get back to where I need to be.”

Revis said he hasn’t been sitting in on defensive meetings, though that was a choice he made because he wants to keep his focus on getting his knee healthy and avoid becoming a distraction for his teammates. When asked about Cromartie’s play and comments that he was now the best cornerback playing with Revis out, Revis said he thinks “it’s awesome.” Revis said he and Cromartie always talked about being the one-two punch, but he knows Cromartie has the ability to hold it down with him out.

Revis said this entire process has been, “up and down for me,” but he’s got his sights locked in on getting his knee back to 100 percent and he is also filming a documentary about the road he will take through this rehab process. He knows he has a tough road ahead of him with a lot of grueling rehab work, but in classic Revis form he’s determined to comeback as good, if not better, than ever and while he wouldn’t put a timetable on his return, just saying “as soon as possible,” he does expect to be ready for the 2013 season.

The best news of the day for Jet fans came when the contract talk started. Many fans have been worried that Revis may have played his last game as a Jet after this injury, but that seems even sillier now after his comments than it did at first.

“People might look at this as a setback for my (contract) situation, (but) right now I’m not even focused on that. Right now the biggest thing is my knee, I got to do everything I can, like I told you guys before, everything happens for a reason.” Revis said, “It’s just something that happened in my career, you can’t take that second back from the ACL tear in the game, so I just got to get back and get 100 percent and go from there. Once I’m 100 percent and I feel like that, to me there’s no question that I will be back to where I was in the previous years of performing and doing what I do best.”

Does Revis feel like he has to prove himself again before he can expect the Jets to talk extension?

“Great question. Probably, probably. Every year you have to come in here and prove yourself, if there’s an injury or not. But I’m sure it might raise people’s eyebrows about how it might look when I come back, I’m okay with that. I wouldn’t expect anything less.” Revis said, “I just know what I’m going to do, I’m going to work hard and I’m just going to come back and treat it like any other offseason. I mean I know I don’t want to sit there and say that, but I’m really not playing so I got to treat this like it’s my offseason and go see my personal trainer and get back to tiptop shape and go from there.”

If tomorrow’s surgery is a success, then there’s no doubt Revis will get back to working as hard as he does and get his knee healthy. It will take time to get back to his old self, but the progress of other athletes, most notably Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles, gives hope that Revis will be able to return to form possibly sooner than most people think and for at least one more season he will be a Jet.
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