The Jets lost more than a just a game last night, they also lost Kris Jenkins for the rest of the season and quite possibly his career.

“We’ll start off with Kris… He’s done for the year,” a very subdued Rex Ryan said, delivering the message Jet fans were fearing. Ryan continued saying, “It’s the same knee as last year, and the ACL…. He’ll be out for the year and obviously it’s gonna be a huge blow to us, but again we’re about the team. I just feel really bad for Kris, a guy that rehabbed that injury, everyday worked (he) at it. That’s part of this business, unfortunately injuries happen in this league. It’s a 100 percent injury rate in this league and that’s just one of the unfortunate parts of this business.”

Injuries are without a doubt a big part of the business called the NFL, but some injuries hurt more than others, this is one of those injuries.

With Kris Jenkins second straight season coming to an early end, due to a tore ACL, the Jets are going to be counting on Sione Pouha to anchor this defense. ( Photo)

While everyone within the organization was hoping for a long, healthy and productive season for Jenkins the Jets proved last year, and last night considering Jenkins only played six plays, that the defense can still be dominate without the big man’s presence.

This injury hurts more on a personal level. It’s only natural to feel bad after watching someone suffer a serious injury, but what makes it tougher is knowing just how hard Jenkins worked to get himself back into such great physical shape.

Making matters, somehow, still worse is the fact that Jenkins sat down with his wife during the offseason and actually contemplated retiring and not putting himself through all that hard demanding work. throughout training camp he talked about the two reasons that ultimately caused him to return to the team, he came back for the chance to provide for his family, including future generations, and because he genuinely thought he had a great shot at winning a Super Bowl ring this year.

Ryan said, “I just got off the phone with Kris, you know he’s down, but I think he’ll come through this, but it’s a big loss.”

Now the Jets have to move on without Jenkins, the good news is at least the Jets know what they have with their replacement for Jenkins, as Sione Pouha showed everyone he is capable of filling in for Jenkins abnormally large shoes. The bigger problem becomes a cause for concern over depth at the position. It will be interesting to see what type of replacement concoction GM Mike Tannebaum is trying to cook up right now.

Ryan began talking about last night’s game saying, “I watched the tape today. The effort was never questioned or anything else. There was a lot of positives, especially from the defensive side, Mike Devito, Sione (Puhoa) and Bryan Thomas all had outstanding games. The penalties were the ones that killed us, when you look at it, that’s what hurt our defense.”

There is no doubt Jet fans are freaking out with the combination of last night’s poor performance and this terrible news, but the fans should focus their concerns on the ridiculous amount of penalties committed and the fact that Sanchez couldn’t manage to step up and make even one big play. Which is all that would have been needed to win the
game last night.

Today Ryan had this to say about his team’s lackluster offensive performance, “Offensively, man it was just like there was no rhythm, there was nothing there and again you got to credit Baltimore, they did a great job in putting us in third-down situations and they got off the field… and we didn’t do a good enough job on defense from our end of it, whether it was penalties or a play they made.”

The Baltimore game is over and done with. One lose marked in the books, 15 more games to go and with the Patriots up next the Jets can’t afford to sit around feeling sorry for themselves or they are going to get beaten again, only much worse this time.

The dejected Ryan knows this and ended his opening statement with this thought, “We got to look at it, this team we’re going up against obviously, we got to find a way cause that team right there is going to score and we need to find a way to score.”

That’s as big an understatement as one can make.

Looking around the league last week, there were very few quarterbacks and offenses that were firing on all cylinders, the bad news for Jet fans is one of the few offenses who lit up the scoreboard is the same Patriot’s offense that will be coming to visit the New Meadowlands Stadium on Sunday afternoon and if the Jets don’t want to be 0-2 before they realize it, they better find a way to make something click before Sunday.

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