Brady and Belichick Talk Jets Brash Style

Florham Park, N.J.– Rex Ryan opened his press conference today, repeating the same message he left on season-ticket holder’s answering machines last season. Ryan sent a message to Jet fans, this time through the media, to come out extra loud and rowdy and promised the team will match their intensity.

Ryan said, “’I’m calling out, we need our fans. Just like they were for us that first week, we need them again at their best. We know it was a difference between, when two teams are evenly matched sometimes that home field advantage makes a difference. Last year, the second week of the season, our home crowd made the difference in my opinion. I need a great effort. I’m calling out to the fans. We need a great effort. They’re going to get our full effort for sure, I can promise you that.”

As much as Jet fans may love to hate the Patriots and Tom Brady, they should admire the way they carry themselves. All offseason a variety of people have gone out of their way to let everyone know how they feel about the Jets going out of their way to let people know how they feel. Convoluted logic at best, but finally someone seems to get it, it’s no wonder the guy has three rings.

Expect Fireman Ed Anzalone to get the fans wild on Sunday when the Pats come to town. ( Photo)

When asked if he thought the Jets and their coach do too much talking Brady said, “I don’t really care what they do to tell you the truth. I’m concerned with what we do.  That’s been our M.O. for a lot of years. I think it was successful for us. The Jets are going to do what they’re going to do and we’re going to do what we’re going to do. The reality is none of it really matters. What matters is how we go out and play this weekend.”

Finally someone is saying they are too focused on their own team to concern themselves with what a player or coach from another team should or shouldn’t be doing something.

Brady expanded on those thoughts when asked about how he reacts to bits and pieces of what he has seen and heard from Ryan. Brady said, “I don’t react too often. I don’t really get into all that. It doesn’t bother me one way or the other. I can sit here and make all the predictions in the world too. The reality for him and all his players and us and our coach (is) we’ve got to go out and play. I don’t spend my time looking into that other (stuff) or analyzing (it). I know that I’ve got to get ready to play. I don’t want to waste my time trying to analyze what he thinks about us. I just want to go out and play the game. I’d rather spend my time watching film then really talking to you guys, with all due respect (laughter).”

It’s certainly not breaking news that the Jets and Patriots have different styles, everyone on both teams will readily acknowledge this.

Brady said, “Every team has different styles. Every team does it differently. There is no right or wrong way. It’s just the way that works for us. That’s why I don’t think we buy into what other people say about us, good, bad or indifferent. We’ve got to go out there and play the game.”

Ryan sure doesn’t disagree. When asked about the difference in the styles of himself and Belichick, Ryan said, “He is who he is and that’s worked for him obviously. I know the only way things are going to work for me is if I’m myself. I can’t go out and try to clone myself into Bill Belichick. I’d love to have his record (and) the Super Bowl rings.  I’m working on it, so we’ll see when it’s all said and done how many I can end up with.”

All this agreeing on both sides sounds odd, especially after all the trash-talking that led up to last week’s game, but Belichick echoed what Ryan and Brady said. Belicheck said, “Rex has done a terrific job. I think our styles are a little different, but I don’t think that really matters. I have a lot of respect for what he does and the way that his teams play.  They’re a tough opponent. We certainly have a lot of respect for Rex and the entire team of the New York Jets.”

If you were expecting a vicious war of words between these two teams, then your going to be disappointed.

Sure there will be a couple stray shots fired from and at certain players, (Moss and Revis anyone?) but even considering the intensity of this rivalry it’s clear that both teams have a great deal of respect for each other.

Sanchez was asked what he admired most about Brady and said, “As a quarterback, his poise, (he’s) just a guy that never gets rattled. He’s always sharp and he’s one of those quarterbacks that younger quarterbacks aspire to be because defenses are scared to give him the ball. When (a player like that) has the ball the last drive of the game, defenses are terrified. That’s good.  That’s what you want as a quarterback. That’s what you want as a team. I respect him so much. I know he’s a great quarterback and we have our hands full. Our defense will have to do their very best.”

Belichick isn’t sitting back thinking the Jets will just be a pushover, because they lost one game, by a single point, even if many NFL fans are. When asked what he saw from the Jets on Monday, Belichick said, “We’ve seen a lot more than Monday night. We’ve seen all their preseason games, all their games last year, the playoff games (and) both game against us. They have a lot of good players. They have a good offensive scheme.  They definitely give you a lot of problems (and) a lot of things to prepare for. They hurt Baltimore with the plays with Brad Smith (and) (LaDainian) Tomlinson. They have great weapons there at receiver, tight end (and) running back. They give you a lot of things to prepare for. They do a good job.”

Once again, surprise-surprise, Brady agreed with his coach saying, “They played one of the top teams in the league in Baltimore, who are probably very similar to the way the Jets are. It was a very hard fought game. They’re two very good defensive football teams and they make it tough on offenses. The Jets defense is one of the best in the league and preparing for them is certainly no easy task. We’ve spent all day Monday, all day Tuesday and all day today trying to get ready for them. They present a lot of challenges. They’re just so physical and they really play that scheme really well.”

As game-time approaches the comments are bound to get less and less friendly by the day. For now all there really is too talk about, from a trash-talking soap-opera for men type of standpoint, is the playful back and forth between Revis and Moss (Which you can and should have already read about from JetsInsider’s own Wesley Sykes ( ) and of course there was still that whole matter of Tom Brady saying he hates the Jets.

So to toss Jet fans a bone and let them get their level of hatred for Brady back up past boiling, here is what Brady said when asked to expand on his comments about hating the Jets. Brady said, “(Laughing) Can I expand on those feelings? Do they really need to be expanded on?”

Then to top it off, he had to go bring the Yankees and Red Sox into it. When asked how deep his hatred for the Jets is Brady said, “It’s an intense rivalry. There are not many New Yorkers that like people from Boston and vice versa. When I got here, it was always Yankees/Red Sox. There’s just something between New York and Boston. The teams have been very competitive. It’s been a great rivalry. Obviously, there has been a lot of player movement over the years between teams. It makes it fun for the fans. It makes it fun for the players. It’s great for the league. I’m glad to be playing so early in the year.  It’s exciting for the players.”

Interesting to hear him invoke the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, considering Brady has been known to don a Yankee hat from time to time. Regardless the politeness will soon fade away and on Sunday there should be one hell of a game to watch at the New Meadowlands Stadium.
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