Florham Park, N.J. — As seen in all four preseason games the Jets are lacking depth on their offensive line. This was a problem that was brewing before the lockout was over and now with the loss of backup center/OL Rob Turner the hole becomes even deeper.

Rob Turner is out for a while. The offensive line would like his help but injuries are a part of the game. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

The injury occurred in the Jets preseason opener against the Houston Texans when DE J.J. Watt blew through the line and ended up rolling up on the ankle of Turner from behind. When the mishap went down it looked on camera to be a painful and serious injury and Turner knew it was not good.

“I felt it pop when I got rolled up on”, Turner said, “but I took two steps and I actually felt the bone shift in my leg, and that’s when I sat down and tapped my helmet, because I knew something was broken.”

The broken leg of Turner was said to put him out for 8-12 weeks but everybody’s body is different when it comes to healing time due to an injury. The doctors are taking their time like they seem to do with every Jet player so they will not make any rash decisions on bringing him back.

“It’s just a matter of how fast my leg responds to what they give”, Turner said. “They’re not going to rush me back on the field, but when (my leg’s) ready, I’ll be back and ready to go.”

What would one be doing with all this time on their hands? Well for one thing, he is not just sitting around, he is trying to keep his head in the game and stay in some kind of shape so when it’s time to come back he will be ready.

“I’m working out, watching extra film, helping break down some extra film, so the other guys that are getting ready for the games and stuff, they have a little bit more film to watch as far as pass rush, maybe moves that guys use on third down to give them an edge”, Turner said. “Anything I can do that keeps me in the mental swing of things and keep me sharp mentally, as well as help them out. That’s the kind of stuff I’m doing, past the rehabbing and working out stuff.”

If you are fan, this is music to your ears. Not the part about Turner being injured or not being able to make it back for a while, but the fact that he is not losing focus of his job at task. He is studying film and trying to soak up all he can from his teammates. Before you know it he will be back on the field and coach Ryan is hoping it is sooner than later.

“Rob is a tough guy.” Ryan said. “You know he’s going to go at it. He’s in the building constantly. I think that if you can come back from this, then Rob is the type of guy that can do it.”

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