Brandon Jacobs is just nine days removed from hoisting his second Lombardi Trophy with the New York Giants. Yet there is a report from Pro Football Talk claiming that he wouldn’t rule out playing for the cross-town Jets next season. Jacobs, who will be 30 next season, will be expecting a $500,000 roster bonus on top of his $4 million base salary.

On the Jets-Giants Christmas Eve match-up, a game in which the Giants embarrassed the Jets on their “home field”, Jacobs was very vocal about his thoughts on Rex Ryan’s round figure and rotund mouth.

“It’s time to shut up, fat boy … I told him to shut the f— up … [Ryan] is a disrespectful bastard. The Jets have a big mouth, big belly coach that talks too much.”

Is there any room for an aging, moody Brandon Jacobs in the Jets backfield? If Joe McKnight has any say in it, there's not. ( Photo).

Ryan retorted with a few choice words of his own. “Go f— yourself”.

But it’s amazing what a little time and winning can do to a man’s perception of things. In an interview with the New York Time’s Sam Borden, Jacobs has this to say of Ryan and the Jets: “I like the way Rex handles his business. The guys on that team I know, know how I feel.”

So some Jets know how Jacobs feels, and now so do Jet fans. But the question is do the Jets want Jacobs? At 30 Jacobs will hit that feared number for running backs. Lacking consistency, durability and overall speed, what does he bring to the Jets that they don’t already have an abundance of? Inconsistent running backs with durability issues and spotty team speed.

He has historically been a problem in a locker room that is run by the militant-like Tom Coughlin. And after the locker room drama that ensued with the Jets this past off-season, Ryan and G.M. Mike Tannenbaum need to be more cautious of the personalities they bring in that accompany talented players.

Locker room dramatics aside, the Jets are loaded at the running back position. Shonn Greene and Bilal Powell (a 4th round selection in last year’s draft) already offer that bruising north-south running mentality that’s been Jacobs’ MO. And let’s not forget LaDanian Tomlinson, who looked effective in a diminished role last season, and Joe McKnight, who took huge strides in his sophomore year as a return man and offensive weapon.

Don’t buy the hype, Jets fans. There are plenty of other areas where the Jets need to re-tool and tweak. Running backs is far down on that list.

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