Two weeks ago Jets fans were on top of the world. 

After beating the defending division champion Patriots in Foxboro to take sole posession of first place and then travelling to Nashville to beat and dominate the Titans, who were the only undefeated team in the NFL, the team was in a position they hadn’t seen in a decade.    

Then came the talk of the Jets possibly being the best team in the AFC. The duo affectionately known as Tan-Gini were hailed as geniuses by their off-season $142MM free agent spending spree to upgrade the team and lets not forget the hijacking of Brett Favre from Green Bay. Talk was swirling about a “Subway Superbowl” with the Giants. Head Coach Eric Mangini was again being referred to as “Mangenius”.

Damn,  was life as a Jets fan good two weeks ago or what? But, as sure as death and taxes we all knew deep down, it wouldn’t last.  After getting shellacked by Denver a week ago at home and now, a day after the Jets got out-played, out-coached and out-classed by the lowly 49ers, two weeks ago seems as close as 1969.

The Jets win in New England seems like decades ago.
The Jets win in New England seems like decades ago.

Now, lets not forget…the team is still in first place and controls their own destiny.  If they win their remaining three games, they hold all the tiebreakers and are division champs. However, after watching how this team and coaching staff have performed over the past 2 weeks you’d be hard pressed to find any Jets fan or football prognosticator that has a shred of faith that this team can turn it around and will win the division.

Following the Titans win, Brett Favre looked a lot like the QB that beat the Patriots in the Superbowl 13 years ago. The last 2 weeks he’s looked like Joe Namath after he got traded to the Rams. The Jets defense, which had looked like world beaters during the team’s five game winning streak has been a playground for QB’s such as the Broncos’ Jay Cutler and an unknown journeyman named Shaun Hill of the 49ers. Both could have thrown the ball from a lounge chair while having coffee in the pocket with no pressure from any Jets pass rusher and little coverage downfield by a downright porous NY secondary.


The coaching has equally been horrid, ranging from failure to make adjustments during the game, questionable play calling, to abandoning the running game two weeks in a row when your top back is averaging 8.6 and 5.6 yards per carry and not blitzing to at least try to put some pressure on the QB.

If I have to hear Mangini talk about his quest for “conisitency” after every loss instead of showing some emotion and accountability, I’m going to puke. How can this man ask his team to play with heart and passion if he doesn’t show a shred of it in public?

I am a die hard Jets fan and I pray like everyone else to someday expereince the joy that Patriots and Giants fans have had. However, based on history I fear the closest we will come is what we had 2 weeks ago, and that’s sad.

The scenario everyone is fearing most is that both the Jets and Dolphins win the next two weeks then our old friend Chad Pennington and his ‘Phins come to East Rutherford and steals the divison from the team that kicked him to the curb. Chad then exits Giants Stadium with his finger waggling similar to Broadway Joe at the Orange Bowl.  That would be enough trigger mass suicides off top of the Gate D spiral. 

Chad Pennington hugs Ronnie Brown after Brown ran in for a touchdown in the fourth quarter to put the Dolphins ahead 21-13

In the end though, no matter what the final results are we’ll keep coming back.

If we are victorious we may finally get to taste the sweetness of success. If we blow it, like we have so many times before, we will also return. Like a woman suffering from battered wife syndrome, we’ll keep coming back for more, no matter how many times we get smacked around.  

I hope this time I’m wrong.

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