Weve seen to many looks like this from quarterback Mark Sanchez over the first eight games of the season.
We've seen to many looks like this from quarterback Mark Sanchez over the first eight games of the season.

On Monday, the talk at Jets camp wasn’t about the Miami Dolphins winning yesterday’s 30-25 game at the Meadowlands.

It was about Gang Green losing it.

When you hold a team to 104 total yards and sack the quarterback six times, you need to win the game.  But the Jets didn’t yesterday, in large part due to two special teams breakdowns and a fumble on offense leading to 21 of the 30 Dolphins points.

“We spotted them,” head coach Rex Ryan said.  “You give up 21 points and your defense is not on the field, you’re probably not going to win too many games.”

Indeed, that is not exactly a winning formula.  But there were positives to take from yesterday’s agonizing loss.

The defense was dominant at points, doing a much better job of applying pressure on Miami quarterback Chad Henne.  They only gave up 9 points.  But they were unable to stop the Dolphins when it mattered most, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of the Jets, who currently sit at 4-4 and 1-3 in the AFC east.


We’re through eight games, and it’s been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for these New York Football Jets through the season’s first half.  We’ve seen the highest of highs (the Patriots game) and the lowest of lows, (the Buffalo disaster) and everything in between.  But Gang Green is still very much alive in the playoff race, and still has an outside chance to make a run at an AFC East title.

So what needs to change for this team to go the minimum 5-3 they’re going to need to go to get a playoff spot?  The first objective, according to Ryan, is to cut down on the misques.

“We’ve given up six touchdowns when the defense has not even been on the field,” Ryan said.  “That has to change.  But we also need to start scoring on defense.  We need to start getting the takeaways and start scoring when we get them.”

“The fact that we’re still in those games with all the parameters that we’ve talked about, is something that I think we can build from.  I think it’s something that if we can get this corrected, I think we’re good enough.  I think we’re close to being that team, but we have to find a way to win.  That’s what we’re going to try to accomplish.  We have to get there just one step at a time.  We know that.  But I have confidence.  My confidence has not wavered one bit on the people that we have in this organization, in the coaches that we have, in the players that we have.”


Rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez provided some comments on his performance through his first eight games as a pro, and leaves the first half of the season feeling optimistic about where he, and this team, can go from here.

“More than anything those two, the New Orleans game and the Buffalo game were just two stinkers.  They were bad.  There are no two ways about it.  Bad, poor decisions, poor reads and just terrible games by a quarterback.  The way I bounced back, I was proud of that.  The way I wasn’t afraid to throw it after that, I’m real proud of that.  I have had the same mindset the entire time, that something good is about to happen.”

As for what he can improve on during the bye heading into the final eight games, the list was plentiful, but #6 feels he can get it done over the break.

“There will be little things from each game,” he said.  “My footwork, cleaning up some of the reads and some decision making things that need to improve.  Overall, I won’t be satisfied.  I never will be.  A lot of people will say, “Hey man, you’re a rookie and you’re playing really good for a rookie.”  But I don’t want to play like a rookie.  I want to play like a 10-year vet, a Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl Champion.  That is the way I want to play and that’s the way I feel I can play with this team around me.”

The team is off for the rest of the week, but be sure to check back to JetsInsider.com for all your news and updates.


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