Florham Park, N.J. — Is this deja vu? Many people ask themselves this question daily throughout their life and right now I’m asking myself the exact same thing. It started with the media running with the Plaxico Burress story and making out like he lost his leg and now, they seem to be treating the Shonn Greene injury all the same. The ankle of Burress stopped him from practicing for a few days while missing a preseason game. The foot of Greene also made him miss a few practice days as well as a preseason game. Deja vu? I think so. But hey, that is the job of the media, to take the smallest issue and blow it way out of proportion, like today’s earthquake. Enough said, back on the topic, Greene is back in action and ready for Saturday.

Two thumbs up for Shonn Greene who expects himself to be back for his teams third preseason game against the New York Giants this Saturday. (JetsInisider.com Photo)

Greene started noticing the foot infection a few days before his last practice.

“I was just having some pain and stuff. I found out (it was) a soft corn in between the toe, so they had to go in there and get that out.” Greene said.
With Greene being out for Sunday nights game, his view was not enjoyable.
“It was kind of boring.” said Greene. “”because I wasn’t there and I felt like I was supposed to be there. It was kind of weird. I think that was my first time actually watching my team play” from home.”
The RB said the media is making the injury way worse than it really is and has no worries himself that he will bounce right back without any further issues. Greene intends to be on the field for Saturday’s game against the Giants in the new MetLife Stadium (naming right occurred today).
“It was nothing with the skin, it was just in between the toe. There are stories flying here and there, but it wasn’t anything as bad as everybody made it seem.” Greene said.  
The team will certainly be happy with the big guy back in the huddle. In the win over the Cinncinati Bengals on Sunday night, the team only rushed for 92 yards until reserve player Chris Jennings sprung for a 69 yard run late in the game. But coach Ryan is giving the other team some well deserved compliments.
“Well, I mean you have to give the opponent some credit.” Ryan said. “But I’d like to be able to knock some guys off the ball a little bit more.”
Even though the running game was not up to the teams high standards, LaDainian Tomlinson and Greene aren’t worried about it.
“It’s been okay. I don’t think we’re too much concerned.” said Tomlinson. “We’ve always been able to run the ball, so we’re not concerned with the things that happen in preseason. At the same time, you got to realize we don’t have all our runs in.
We’re only doing a certain amount of runs in. These are basic runs, so I wouldn’t overdo it.”
“It’s been pretty tough” said Greene. “I think we did good, for what they did. Obviously, there wasn’t much game planning going on, but I think they had just the right defense every time we tried to run the ball, so it was tough sledding.”
Coach Ryan isn’t as free willed as his two running backs when it comes to their slight struggles this preseason but it doesn’t mean he will shy away from his coaching ways.
“I’d say right now, we probably need to run the ball a little better.” coach Ryan said. ” But you’d like to be able to run the ball more efficiently especially on early downs. The ground and pound is something I would like to do. I look at it as, be able to run the football when that other team knows that you’re going to run it. That’s where you’d like to be.”
With the returning of Greene and right guard Brandon Moore who has slowly crept himself back into practice this month after off season hip surgery, look for the Jets RB’s and offensive line to fuse together to form the ground game that gets them wins.

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