Florham Park, N.J.– Since I first glanced at the Jets 2011 schedule, before the season started, I thought the Jets got sort of a raw deal with having to play the Patriots on Sunday night then turn around and fly to play in the high altitude of Denver just four days later. But now, I see it as a potential blessing.

After suffering a brutal loss like the Jets did last night the best thing you can do is try and erase it from your memory and immediately move on, but with the usual week long break between games that’s pretty much impossible. Last night Rex Ryan made sure to stress that they couldn’t and wouldn’t dwell on this loss. That’s good because this week they have no choice, just two days from now they board a plane to Denver to play against a quarterback, the likes of which Ryan has never seen (I’m not saying Tim Tebow’s an amazing new breed of quarterback and I’m not saying that he can’t play in this league. But I am saying I have no clue what to make of him from what I’ve seen. He doesn’t look like he can play quarterback in this league at a sustainable level, but somehow he keeps winning and he’s doing it in the most unconventional way I’ve ever seen and in a way that Ryan has never had to coach against).

Last night Rex Ryan looked like a beaten and sad man. What will it take to get him smiling like this again? A quick rebound with a win in Denver on Thursday is a good place to start. (Jetsinsider.com Photo)

“The fact that we just got beat like we got beat, it’s probably a good thing, so we can’t dwell on it. That’s the thing that we have to do – we have to move on. We have to move on quickly.” Ryan said after the game last night, “Denver’s playing really well on defense. With Tebow, to be honest with you, I have to watch him. I don’t know what he presents, but he’s been running. They’ve been running the ball no matter who’s at tailback. We’ve got to get ready to go down there. With the way Denver’s playing, we know it’s going to be a tough game, but we have to get this thing behind us and go play Denver.”

Normally a loss like last night’s will sit with a team for a few days, this week a few days is a luxury the Jets don’t have. But knowing this Jets team, that’s probably for the best. This leaves no time to dwell on what happened last night, it certainly won’t do any good pertaining to this week’s gameplan for the Broncos. These players just have to stay focused and hungry and be prepared to come out on Thursday night and show the world they are a much better team than they showed last night.

“I mean we know we have to put it behind us. I mean we play in three days or whatever it is. So we can’t focus on what just happened, we know what happened.” Ryan said, “We made enough mistakes that, if you play against a good team you got no chance when you make the mistakes we made.”

The potential downside to playing on short rest is fairly obvious. From a physical stand point it’s going to be tough to play a game four days after catching a beat down and any players questionable to play with injuries will become even more questionable. The Jets missed Brodney Pool badly last night has Brady picked on the Jets safeties by relying on Rob Gronkowski, but considering Tebow only completed two passes yesterday Pool’s absence wouldn’t be nearly as damning for the Jets defense as the defense’s focus will be on stopping the run.

LT suffered a late injury last night and missed practice today and is officially listed as questionable. Last night LT said, “I’m alright. I’ll get some more tests done tomorrow and we’ll go from there. My leg got hit low and I grabbed my leg.”

Today Ryan said he’s, “Not real sure yet I haven’t heard. I think he’s (LT) going to be okay, but I have not heard for sure yet.”

As bad as these players feel about last night,  LT knows that, yes last night was a blown chance, but the best thing for this team is to get back out on the field as soon as possible and wash the awful memory of this game from their brains.

“It was a big game for us. We put everything into it and there was a lot on the line. To not get a win is a setback, but at the same time we still have a lot of ballgames to play.” LT said last night, “The good thing about it is we play Thursday so we can move on quickly. We’ll try to get a win Thursday and put it behind us.”
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