After coming off the PUP list myself, I am ready to spend all season with covering the most interesting team in sports. Breaking a bone in my foot and spending the celebratory grace period of graduating on the couch staring outside at the sun has not changed my views on the 2012 New York Jets.

Just like those Jets teams that marched to consecutive AFC Championship Games with a dominant defense and relentless running attack, consistency is key for keeping this blog in order. There will be times where I will take you above and beyond what you expected, sort of like Mark Sanchez throwing an 18 yard perfect back shoulder fade to Braylon Edwards in PEYTON MANNINGS HOUSE to move on to the next round.

Did anyone forget that happened? It was only two seasons ago. Sanchez is “the guy” for this team.

Bringing in Tim Tebow only deters Sanchez growth. I do not see how people can see that situation any differently. If we are under the assumption the team’s goal is to win the Super bowl, does anyone actually think 10 plays of Tebow Wildcat is the answer from where the Jets were only two seasons ago?

Instead of the first team offense learning new OC Tony Sparano’s system with the maximum amount of reps possible, each player receives less to learn packages for a secondary offense. Forget all the side stories about Sanchez confidence issues; the bottom line is the starting offense could be practicing more together than they would if Tebow were not around.

Especially the offensive line, which the majority said had a down year last year, could be focusing on being all-in on the new offense but has their attention divided.

Reports around the web have stated Sparano is the right choice for this Jets for getting his players to pay attention to details. He is a highly intense guy who you can hear screaming standing on the sideline at Jets OTA’s and it seems like a perfect match for Sanchez. If Sparano can have Sanchez master the offense and be confident in every move he makes, he will shed the non-mature, emotionally unstable tags he unfairly wears and will be in position for success.

Sound off on this: If Sanchez throws three interceptions in the first regular season game and the Tebow rumblings start, do fans really want that? Do you want to throw away the last three years and start over with Tebow as the starter?
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