Earlier in the week I wrote about how the Jets’ offensive success in their 34-31 overtime win over the Patriots demonstrated the hard-nosed, ball control attack that the team envisioned when they made their offseason additions. In their final scoring drive of regulation which resulted in a one-yard touchdown run by Thomas Jones and in their game-winning drive in overtime which ended in Jay Feely’s 43-yard field goal, the Jets held the ball for 7:06 and 7:50 respectively. With Jones leading the AFC in rushing with 854 yards on 190 carries (4.5 avg), the newly revamped offensive line gelling and Brett Favre finally mastering the playbook, the Jets had finally found their identity.   

Today I found a statistic validating the Jets’ ball control offense, which leads the NFL in five-minute drives.

Five-Minute Drives:

1. Jets 24 total (13 touchdowns, 97 total points)

2t. Ravens 20 total (four touchdowns, 52 total points)

2t. Texans 20 total (12 touchdowns, 95 total points)

*Much of this success can be attributed to the offensive line, which has allowed 19 sacks (15th in NFL) through the first ten games. Last season at this point, the Jets had already allowed 26 sacks. Also contributing to the lengthy drives is the offense’s consistency in limiting “self-inflicted wounds.” The Jets have only been whistled for 48 penalties (8th best in NFL) for 354 yards.

It’s easy to point toward Favre and credit him for the offensive rivival, but the Jets are doing the little things correctly. Sacks and penalties on drives have the same effect as throwing gasoline into a fire. The Jets have avoided self-inflicted wounds from ruining their drives.
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