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Thought Tebowmania couldn’t get any bigger? Think again.

“I’m looking forward to my time as a Jet. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to play for such a great organization. It’s my dream and passion to help them out and just be a part of it. I’m just happy they believed in me and stuck with me through this crazy process,” — Tim Tebow, quarterback, New York Jets

Tim Tebow is, for the second time today, a New York Jet. And you thought Linsanity was an over-loading eruption of uproarious jubilation.

Here’s a wrap-up of Tebow’s first introduction to the New York media as a member of the Jets, starting with his feelings on playing for the player-friendly, profanity-laden Ryan.

“I wanted to play for Coach Ryan ever since I saw ‘Hard Knocks,’ ” Tebow chuckled about Rex’s and the Jets’ five-week star turn on HBO’s training camp series two summers ago. “He just seemed like a coach who loves football and is passionate about the game of football. He’s definitely a players’ coach. I just love that about him … I have so much respect for him,” he said, chuckling even louder. “He’s a coach you want to play for, a coach you want to go out there and do good for. … There’s not many NFL locker rooms you’re going to go where you have the cleanest language, so I’m not too worried about that.”

What about sharing the spotlight with Mark Sanchez, who recently signed a contract extension through the 2016 season?

“Mark called me and left a voicemail,” Tebow said. “I was searching through all my voicemails and I heard his and I called him back. We talked, got a chance to catch up a little bit. It was a great conversation. We’ve been blessed to get to know each other the last three years. … I think we’re both extremely competitive. I think we’ll be able to push each other to get a lot better. I think we’ll have a great working relationship, and we’ve had a great relationship off the field. He’s such a classy guy. I’ll be very honored to call him my teammate.”

Life for Mark Sanchez just got harder as he now has America's sweetheart, Tim Tebow looking over his shoulder. (JetsInsider.com)

Broncos vice president John Elway previously stated that he would make a trade that would be in the best interest of Tebow. While other teams may have offered him the starting position, the Jets made it known he would be the back-up. When asked about the potential of his time in New York hurting his chances of being a starter in the NFL, he became a little more cryptic.

“I feel like this is a great opportunity for me to develop. I think the scheme we’ll be playing in is a great scheme to play under and improve every day. My goal is just to be the best player, the best quarterback, the best teammate I can be and improve every single day and earn everything I get by working hard and find a way to help the team in whatever role that is.”

Much like he did during the season, Tebow saved what was, perhaps, his best statement for the end.

“Just playing for an organization that has such passionate fans, such a great fan base, so many people that care about them and support them, that definitely means a lot to me.”

The initial trade, the Jets sending over a fourth and sixth round pick in exchange for Tebow and a seventh rounder, hit a snag after a miscommunication of the details of his contract. Tebow was paid $5 million in advances from the 2012 and 2013 season, a number that the Denver Broncos wanted to be compensated for. After keeping the lines of communication open, however, Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum agreed to split the difference and settled on a deal.

Our initial trade papers addressed the advancement of his salary, which we knew about, in his contract. They disagreed with our interpretation. With that said we had continued dialog throughout the day and finally reached an agreement that both sides could live with. — Mike Tannenbaum, general manager, New York Jets

Tannenbaum stated numerous times that Sanchez is the starting quarterback and that Tebow will be be the back-up. The team previously flirted with the idea of signing Peyton Manning prior to Sanchez’s extension.

“He is our back-up quarterback. Again, Mark is our starter. We’re thinking about keeping four quarterbacks on this roster. We’ll see how that plays out over the next coming months,” Tannenbaum said. As for the role Tebow would play in the offense Tannenbaum was less forward. “He may be in for three plays one game and 40 the next. Who knows? It’s going to be game-plan specific. We think we’re going to be a much more diverse and dynamic offense.”
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