Florham Park, N.J.– This week’s mission for the Jets defense, should they choose to accept it, contain Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy. It’s no secret that Vick is one of the most explosive and dangerous quarterbacks the league has ever seen and it’s become less and less of a secret that McCoy is among the league’s most complete running backs currently playing. While the Eagles have had a dreadfully disappointing season, this Jets team knows they can’t afford to take the Eagles lightly.

“They’ve been up-and-down this year, but we know we are going to get their best shot.” David Harris said, “So we just got to approach it that way.”

With the unpredictable and explosive Vick, the balanced McCoy and lighting fast speed of DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, the Jets defense will have their hands full trying to limit the Eagles offensive success, record be damned. Yes there were Super Bowl aspirations for this year’s Eagles team and yes they have grossly underachieved, but with Vick back from his rib injury this offense is as dangerous as it gets.

The Jets mission for the remainder of the season is still, win out and make the playoffs. The mission for winning this first game, contain Vick and McCoy. (Jetsinsider.com Photo)

“Very dangerous. He’s back in the mix with those guys, this is probably the most unbelievable offense that we’ve faced.” Darrelle Revis said, “(With) the guys that they have, they’re a very explosive offense and they have some unbelievable players on their offense.

“No I’ve never (faced Vick). It’s actually exciting to get to play against these guys. You hear a lot about them during the season, you see a lot of their plays on Sportscenter. So it’s good, usually we always play them in the last preseason game and all starters are sitting on the bench. So it’s good to finally play against Michael Vick and play against their powerful offense.”

One might kind of, sort of, roll their eyes at Revis’ comment about the Eagles being, “probably the most unbelievable offense we’ve faced,” considering they have already played the Patriots twice this season, but Vick is an entirely different type of quarterback that can beat you in a number of ways and in ways no other quarterback can. Over play to defend one of his strengths and you’ll get killed by another.

“You watch film on him, the play is designed to go one way and he cuts it all the way to the other side of the field and he does a great job of making the first defender miss.” Harris said, “So we got to have 11 guys watching him and run to the ball every play, we can’t afford to take a play off and hive up a big play to him.

“If you’re too worried about him running you might lose track of one of those fast wide receivers running down field, DeSean Jackson and Maclin, thrive off of that.”

“They’re explosive receivers. They always seem to get open (and) they always seem to be making plays. So I think we know, like I said, this is probably the best offense we’ll face all year.” Revis said, “They’re very explosive, Vick throws the ball around to everybody in that offense and their receiver core, they make plays. It’s probably the best receiving core we’ll face this year.”

It’s one thing to have to worry about defending Vick and his receivers, but McCoy is about as dangerous of a running back as there is in this league and it seems as if the only one who can stop McCoy is Andy Reid and his curious decision to not make sure McCoy gets 30 plus touches a game.

“He’s one of the most complete backs in the league. He’s been playing very, very well. His offensive line has been creating holes for him and he’s real good at making the first guy miss and he can get yards after contact.” Harris said, “So we have to be prepared for him in the run game and the pass game as well.”

With just three games left in the season the Jets playoff mission is really simple, win these last three games and they’re in. As for how the Jets can win this game, Revis thinks that’s fairly simple as well.

“Contain. Contain Michael Vick. I think that’s the focal point for us this week is just contain him.” Revis said, “Don’t let him beat us over the top in the passing game and also on the ground running the ball.”

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