Florham Park, N.J.: According to reports last week, Tim Tebow had asked out of any Wildcat plays that would’ve been called in Sunday’s game against San Diego. These reports came across as very un-Tebow-like, as he stood behind his team-first attitude week after week this season.

“He knew I was frustrated, but I didn’t ask out,” said Tebow. “I didn’t say that I wouldn’t do anything.”

And of course when some media outlets saw their opening to attack Tebow’s character, which had been almost impossible to this point, many took the stage to rip him for being selfish and for not playing the good soldier role.

Today, Tebow defended his character saying, “You work your whole life to build a reputation. Then people try to bring you down when they don’t understand even what happened. It’s disappointing. You just want to express your side of the story.”

Tebow did confirm he spoke to Rex Ryan on Tuesday after the loss to Tennessee on Monday night, expressing that he wanted the chance to start at quarterback.

“I never said, ‘Hey I don’t want to do anything or I won’t do anything.’ That wasn’t the talk at all. He knows that and everybody on this team knows that I would never not do something if I was asked. That’s what’s disappointing,” said Tebow. “People saying ‘Oh you quit’ that was not it at all. It was just me asking to get an opportunity to play the position I love, which is quarterback. It wasn’t me asking out of anything.

It is odd that Tebow would lash out with two games remaining in the season. Considering all indications are that he is on his way out, why stir the pot now? But it isn’t absurd to believe Tebow finally retaliated after the Jets basically wasted a year of his career. But Tebow continued to defend himself, saying “For people not to know the situation and go off something and then start to bash your character and say you’re a phony or you’re a fake or you’re a hypocrite. I think that’s what’s disappointing and that’s what’s frustrating…but your character and your integrity, that’s who you are as a man and I think that’s a lot more important.”

Tebow’s one and only season in New York will be forgettable for more than just his play on the field.

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