Florham Park, N.J. —  Last night proved that both Mark Sanchez and Eli Manning need some more work in order to be in the top five spot in the NFL at the quarterback position. We can talk until we are blue in the face about how it’s the preseason and these games don’t count, but you play like you practice and so far Sanchez is doing exactly that.

QB Mark Sanchez needs to keep his head up and be more consistant behind center. (JetsInsider.com Photo)
The third year QB has shown his inconsistancy in almost every practice so far during training camp. Yes, he is facing arguably the top defense in the league in his own Jets but in order to be the best you must beat the best. In practice Sanchez’ pass percentage is down and his interceptions are up and it’s starting to show in the preseason. His interceptions are down during games but his pass percentage is dreadful. He is missing receivers with inaccurate passes and sometimes trying to force throws that simply are not there. Could this be immaturaty or just his modus operandi? (M.O.)
The Jets offense last night never looked better than average. With Sanchez (8/16, 64 yards, 1 TD and one fumble that he recovered himself)  only completing  50 percent of his passses, the offense never got into the rhythm they are looking for this season. They seem to have had that one good drive in each of their three preaseason matchups, but they cannot put an entire game together.
“I thought at times, he threw the ball really well.” Ryan said. 

It looks like coach Ryan is noticing the lack of consistancy as well but he keeps on praising his young quarterback and trying to build him up as much as possible.

  “I was happy with the way Mark played.  He avoided the rush, they get after the quarterback pretty well. He was able to avoid the rush a little bit and ran the ball some so I was happy to see that.” Ryan said.

The second team offense with Greg McElroy looks more consistant in the preseason than the first team does. McElroy (4/5, 39 yards) came into the game in the middle of the third quarter and struggled at the start but regained his composure quickly. The second team offense moved the ball down the field more fluently and yes, they were facing the second team defense of the Giants but with all the injuries the team has been faced with, how much better can they have been in the secondary. If it was not for the holding penalty by WR Courtney Smith, McElroy and his squad would have put seven points on the board after a strong drive.

The best quarterback on the field last night is not a quarterback at all. It was WR and return man Jeremy Kerley. Most fans do not like the wildcat offense (one person comes to mind in particular you know who you are) but last night it seemed to work out great for the Jets. It gave them that extra boost on offense. Also by running the wildcat it gave them another option to throw at the opposing defense when their offense might come to a screeching hault.

In order for the team to win games the offense must show up and play with consistancy. Right now they are lacking that from their quarterback and it is reflecting on the entire offense. Yes, defense wins championships but you must have some type of rhythm on offense when the defense feels like taking a Sunday off.

The starters have done all they can this preseason and will most likely end up resting in the fourth game Thursday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. The first team offense should work on whatever they have to for the rest of training camp in order to get on the same page for the regualr season coming up on September 11th against the Dallas Cowboys. Because, as of right now, the Jets do not look like a team that will be contending for the Lombardi trophy in February 2012. As far as their offense goes.

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