So I’ve come to realize that it has been a while since I’ve posted anything. My apologies. The holidays in Pennsylvania along with trying to relax and enjoy my semester break (which is still ongoing) all the while beginning the job hunt has had me all over the place, mentally of course.

To make a joke of it, I wanted to take the same approach with blogging as the Jets are currently taking with hiring a new head coach. Gang Green, you’re on the clock! They had to have wanted Cowher. Sucks bro! The guy from Boston College had to have been an idiot. Sucks bro!

Eric Mangini is in Cleveland, but I’ll get to that later.

The point I would like to make is one my uncle filled my head with on Christmas Day down at his basement bar. While columnists and fans alike were asking for Eric Mangini’s head on a silver platter, it was not worth it.

“Think about it,” he told me. “So they fire their coach. Who do they hire to replace him?”

It was something I never realized. In this day and age coaches are about as replaceable as a pair of underwear. As someone once said, “You can’t fire the whole team.” Mangini failed to make the playoffs despite having the most players elected to the Pro Bowl in the entire league, and his playoff destiny in his hands with two games left on the schedule, certainly a shortcoming for a coach, but it was just his third season. While owners are so quick to show their coaches the door, it seems to be done merely out of pride or to set an example.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had as many or maybe even less coaches in the entire Super Bowl Era as the Falcons have had in the past 10 years or so. Something like that. Which franchise would you rather your team emulate?

Mike Shanahan was fired for God’s sake! He won two Super Bowls! Now someone plucked from the Belichick tree will fill his shoes in Denver, and probably be fired in three years.

I realize Mangini is no Shanahan, but it’s like my uncle said: “Who are the Jets gonna get to replace him?” Unless they can get Cowher or Shanahan-the former they can’t, the latter I doubt they can-the Jets will in all likelihood be taking a step down in head coaching quality.

As for Mangini in Cleveland, all the best buddy. It’s ironic that the last time he was there he was a ballboy, and now he’s running the ship. Good luck beating the Steelers (a model franchise), and the Ravens (a model of a team that truly needed a new coach and upgraded when they got a new one) too for that matter. Hey, good luck making the playoffs. I guess what I’m trying to say is good luck keeping your job.

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