Florham Park, NJ — This weekend is very important for the New York Jets, not only for their game against the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo but also the game the division rival New England Patriots are playing against the New York Giants. With either a win or a loss for both division teams, this could showcase what we will be seeing for most likely the rest of the season.

So, to all the football fans out there, which game is more appetizing to watch? Is it the QB rematch between Eli Manning and Tom Brady or is it the possible must win for the Jets against the surging Bills? I’m guessing that any die hard Jets fan is going to choose their own teams game and its completely understandable, but what I’m trying to say is which game will keep you glued to the television set. I would have to say the Giants-Patriots game will do that but the game that means more is the Jets-Bills game because if the Jets lose this one it will become extremely hard for them to make a playoff run for the rest of the season, especially with the schedule they are facing.

If you had to choose one game, which would you watch?

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