Week 1 wasn’t a very good week. Last week was an outright disaster and yeah, yeah Bill Belichick defense all you want, it wasn’t about the defense. The rookie quarterback was simply awful last week and now he gets to play the Broncos defense… in Denver. The Patriots really didn’t do anything to cause Zach Wilson’s four interceptions and that should scare you because the Broncos have the ability to force that level of bad play. No Bradley Chubb will certainly help, but Von Miller is still lurking and there’s an entire secondary roaming and drooling over the possibilities. Can Wilson bounce back? Will the coaching staff play it safe? Will they play it too safe?


Jets – OUT: RB Tevin Coleman (Non-Covid Illness) DOUBTFUL: WR Jamison Crowder (groin) QUESTIONABLE: DL John Franklin-Myers (calf)

Broncos – QUESTIONABLE: G Graham Glasgow, DL Mike Purcell


Keep Teddy, Teddy – Through two games Teddy Bridgewater has pushed the ball downfield far more often than usual. He’s been more aggressive than we are used to seeing, the Jets defense needs to turn him back into check-down, Teddy. Even with Jerry Jeudy out the Broncos still have a dangerous stable of receivers that the Jets need to keep in front of them at all times. The running game is still a work in progress for Denver with some shaky interior blocking so the Jets can’t let the passing game kill them.

Scared Money Don’t Make No Money – The biggest concern I have about how the Jets will react to Wilson’s four interception game is that they will try to force him to be too conservative. Robert Saleh made a comment after the game last week saying as much. “He has to learn it’s okay to be boring sometimes,” Saleh said of Wilson. And yeah, sure at times but that wasn’t the problem last week. The turnovers didn’t pile up because Wilson was too aggressive, he just made bad throws. You can’t have your quarterback scared to throw passes. Especially a quarterback that you drafted specifically for his ability when a play breaks down. Turnovers are going to happen, you can’t have them piling up but you have to live with some. There is no easier way to stunt Wilson’s development than to try and turn him into Alex Smith. It might make for a decent strategy to win this week’s game, but who cares? The strategy can’t be about this week, it has to be about Wilson’s future. Let the kid sink or swim.

PROP BET OF THE WEEK: Corey Davis over 3.5 receptions

No good fantasy plays for me this week well except play Noah Fant if you have him, but you’re probably already doing that. But go ahead and put a little something on Corey Davis over 3.5 receptions. You’ll likely have to sweat it out, I’m guessing most of the four catches that you’ll need will come in the fourth quarter. The Jets will struggle early which will leave plenty of garbage time opportunities.