East Rutherford, NJ — This afternoon at MetLife Stadium started off with the fans making a somber tone but by the end of the fourth quarter it was all cheers from the almost 80,000 people in the stands.

“I want to tip my hat to our fans.” Coach Ryan said, They were fantastic. You talk about home field advantage, well that was probably the difference in the game.”

Talk about home field advantage. The Jets are now 4-0 at home. Jets fans are very well appreciated byy the team and coach Ryan. Keep the noise up. (JetsInsider.com Photo)

Once again the Jets offense started off a bit on the slow side. With a fumble or ‘strip away’ by TE Dustin Keller that was returned for a touchdown it looked like it was going to be a long day for Gang Green. Mark Sanchez early in the first half was forcing a lot of balls into double coverage and was getting away with it for a while until he threw an interception that was intended for WR Plaxico Burress in the end zone. From there on out his play seemed to switch and become smarter, which lead to some good drives from the offense.

“I’m proud of the way our guys played.” Sanchez said, “We put our defense in a hole early, I felt like, and almost spotted them 14 points and then came back and won. That was a great effort from Revis and the D line applying pressure and also Kyle Wilson.”

The Jets offense did put their defense in a hole early but the defense was up to the challenge this afternoon and really let the Chargers have it. This is the biggest thing for this football team to do. When the offense is not at the top of their game early, the defense must stick their spikes in the gorund and stay strong in order to give that offense a chance to get their flow going. Everyone knows by now that the Jets start off slow on the offensive side of the ball so they rely on their defense to keep them in the game and today they answered the call.

The defense picked QB Philip Rivers off twice today, one by none other than Darelle Revis and one by his student over the summer Kyle Wilson. The defensive line applied great pressure annd made Rivers feel uncomfortable all game long. Aaron Maybin stood out once again today, recording a big sack on a third down play early in the game. (He might have finally found a team for a while.)

The run game finally found their groove today, at least Shonn Greene did. He rushed for 112 yards on 20 carries and today really stood out as one of the game changers for the offense. If it wasn’t for him moving the ball on the ground so effectively who know what could have happened to their offense and the time of possession.

“Offensively we want to pound them.” Greene said, and that he did.

This was Greenes first 100 yard gain since last season but it doesn’t seem improtant to him. He is putting the team first and is ony concerned about winning week in and week out.

“I don’t worry about that as long as we got the win.” Greene said.

In order for the run game to be successful the offensive line had to show up today and boy did they. They kept Sanchez safe most of the game and opened up some big holes for the RB’s to go through. Greene is giving them full recognition for his performance.

“I mean I can’t explain it more they did a great job.” Greene said, “I think they’re the reason why we got all our points, because those guys protected well, they opened up holes and all I did was run through them, they did the rest.”

Even OL Brandon Moore realizes that the offense returned to that sort of old fashioned Rex Ryan football today.

“Rex made a point we were getting better and we showed signs of getting closer to Jet football but you can look at the film and see we are getting back to that.” Moore said, “We kind of came together for the most part. We just have to string it along and stay with that physical attacking style on offense, getting down hill runs and double teaming and moving without the ball and getting ourrushesup on third downs.”

Lastly we cannot forget about Burress performance today. Three touchdowns in the red zone. Isn’t this the reason why they signed him? Absolutley, 100 percent, YES. They finally used Burress the way teams are suppossed, down in the red zone. The man has had a great career in the NFL and then ran into some trouble but now is back and showed sign of his old self today annd the fans enjoyed watching #17 help their team get past a tough Charger crew.

“We still missed a couple of things. I missed him on the interception, I missed him on a back shoulder earlier in the game but we just kind of hung with it and it took a great effort from him to get open.” Sanchez said, “Plax just had his day and we were waiting for kind of a break out game like this and it all kind of clicked.”

The Jets now enter their bye week with two straight wins and get some down time and time to heal up. Enjoy it while it last because they come back to a good Buffalo Bills team at Buffalo and then the always dreaded New England Patriots at MetLife followed by the Denver Broncos and Mile High and ending this little treat of a schedule with a home game against Buffalo once more. So, today was a good spring board game for both sides of the ball annd we will see what Jet team returns after the by week.

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