With the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the New York Jets surprised absolutely no one. There was no mystery with the first pick and there was just as little mystery with the second. The Jets didn’t bother to mask their intentions. This is the kid they wanted and Joe Douglas didn’t care who knew.

In a stacked quarterback class, Douglas looked at multiple talented options and fell hard for Zach Wilson. Fans have been split about wanting Wilson or Justin Fields, but the pick is in now. Now they’ll all rally around the baby-faced quarterback from BYU. This won’t be the end of comparing this group of quarterbacks, but Wilson is yours now, Jets fans.

So go ahead, Jets fans. Buy in on the excitement, buy in on the fun. The Mormon Mahomes is your new franchise quarterback. Wilson’s play-style and arm angles draw comparison to Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, two of the greatest quarterbacks ever. You should be excited. He’s athletic, can make plays inside or outside the pocket, a gifted and creative passer who can make all the throws. He’s able to see the field and manipulate the defense and played in an offensive system very similar to what he’ll run with the Jets. And he’s not afraid to take shots deep and stretch the field.

At 6’3″, 210 pounds, Wilson is going to need to bulk up a bit to withstand NFL punishment. He’s already suffered a through a torn labrum before the 2019 season. He’s also going to have to adjust to NFL speed even more so than every other rookie quarterback. Wilson faced very little pressure last season as his entire offensive line was an impenetrable wall. The Jets will look to upgrade their line in the rest of the draft and count on the coaching staff/scheme to improve the rest, but there will be a learning curve.

There will be plenty of time to talk about what will or won’t work and what Wilson will have to improve on. For now enjoy the excitement. Jets fans don’t get a lot of it. Savior it while you can.

And if you’re still struggling to fully embrace it just take solace in the fact that Wilson will actually be helped by the surrounding talent, coaching staff, and competent front office. And that’s something many Jets fans haven’t experienced in their lifetimes. Maybe now those fans can finally experience a true franchise quarterback.