EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – If this was the preseason finale, imagine what the actual season will look like. Pregame, apocalyptic flooding eventual subsiding to a Hail Mary to tie the game with no time left. This was way too much drama for a simple preseason game.

James Morgan took the field with 1:38 to go down 24-23 looking to lead a game-winning drive for the Jets. It almost became a game-clinching drive for the Eagles as Michael Jacquet ripped the ball out of Daniel Brown’s hands and scampered 32 yards for a touchdown, giving the Eagles a 31-23 lead. With 59 seconds left Morgan got another chance. 59 seconds later the game was tied at 31.

With the Jets down to their last chance, Morgan launched a 49 yard Hail Mary that rookie tight end Kenny Yeboah attacked in air to secure the touchdown. It was Yeboah’s second touchdown of the night, but the Jets still needed two more points to complete the tie. One Josh Adams two yard run later and everyone suddenly felt relief that there’s no overtime in preseason.

The game was delayed due to heavy rain flooding the area. When kickoff came around Robert Saleh announced some starters would play, but no Zach Wilson. Morgan Moses and George Fant both played, continuing their competition for the starting right tackle spot. The entire cornerback group played, as Saleh explained, “they needed the reps” as did rookie linebackers Jamien Sherwood and Hamsah Nasirildeen. Veteran journeyman Josh Johnson got the start for the Jets and immediately staked his claim for the Jets backup QB job. Johnson’s first drive went for 12 plays, 71 yards and ended with a touchdown pass to Lawrence Cager.

With final cuts coming on Tuesday the Jets will have tough decisions ahead. Receiver, cornerback, tight end and running back all have crowded rooms. Other positions need reinforcements. Who can they afford to keep? Who do they need to go out and get? And who can they get away with stashing on the practice squad?