With the 175th the 186th picks, the Jets have selected Pitt cornerback Jason Pinnock and Florida State Safety/LB Hamsah Nasirildeen, respectively. 

First, drafted a corner from Darrell Revis’ alma mater in Pinnock. Pinnock is a traits prospect who tested extremely well. He struggles with getting beat deep, but perhaps the Jets don’t value deep speed much in a cover 3 scheme. 

Nasirildeen is yet another LB/Safety hybrid player. Decent athlete who can come down and hit.

At this point in the draft, need isn’t important. Any kind of contribution you can get from your late round picks is a bonus. The Jets are clearly just taking as many dart throws as they can in the defensive backfield, hoping one or two will stick.  We’ll see if either Pinnock or Nasirildeen are able to carve out a meaningful role on this team in 2021.