The Jets stink. They are flat out awful. The Bye Week obviously didn’t help. It’s not even worth getting into the weeds and breaking down why they were so bad. They’re so bad that the specifics of the why doesn’t matter. There’s just so much wrong with this team that there’s simply no easy fix. Fans always want to be just one fix away, reality is you may “want it to be one way… but it’s the other way.”

The Patriots dominated this game from the opening drive. Over the past decade that sentence has turned into a standard MadLibs sentence. Just write in a different team to fill in the blank spot each week. The Jets defense badly missed C.J. Mosley, not just his physical presence but also his ability to get the defense properly situated. Josh McDaniels made sure to exploit this and attack the middle of the field consistently. Run plays right up the gut for 10-20 yards a clip. Short crossers at will, followed by the inevitable screens that would be put the finishing touches on this game… in the second quarter. The Patriots still win this game comfortably if Mosley had played, but the Patriots offense would have had to work much harder.

On the offensive side, we’re about tapped for excuses. Mike LaFleur is far from the only problem but he’s absolutely one of the problems. LaFleur still isn’t getting the most help with the talent at his disposal but at this point it’s on him to recognize the limitations of said players. It’s up to him to have realized that this Jets team can’t reliably run the ball inside. They especially can’t try that on third/fourth and short situations. Everyone watching the games realizes this except for LaFleur.

Zach Wilson hurt his knee after a horrible no call on a low hit. The ref was right there. There’s no excuse for the flag to stay in the pocket but it wouldn’t have mattered. Wilson was finally starting to move the ball, the score was about to be close but come on now. The game was already over with or without Wilson. This game was over so early it made most of the stats irrelevant. Over a full half of garbage time will do that to stats. But there was one stat that nicely summed up the Jets-Patriots dynamic this year; J.C. Jackson got his third interception of the year. The pervious two interceptions coming against the Jets the last time they played. The Patriots aren’t a good team at all and yet they are far better than the Jets.