You’re used to the Jets stinking in East Rutherford. Hell, you’re used to the Jets stinking throughout the lower 48 states. Now the Jets have taken their particular brand of stank international!

The much-anticipated trip to London ended just like most Jets games have ended for the past decade-plus, in embarrassment. The Jets performance was so embarrassing that the Falcons should be embarrassed they only won by seven. Once again the Jets got off to another slow start and dug themselves a hole that was too big to climb out of. It’s the same story every week, actually every year. Different coaching staffs, different quarterbacks, same slow start that they can’t recover from. 

“You know, I was just talking to the team about that,” Robert Saleh said after being asked about the slow starts. “I’m going to work my tail off over this bye week and see if there’s something that we can come up with. Study the tape. Look at the decisions and execution and figure out what the answer is over the next week and come up with something because it’s got to be better.”

That’s what they all say, Coach. That’s what they all say.

Fans have to hit Saleh with the heaviest of eye rolls as they read/hear that quote. It’s not Saleh’s fault either, what else is he supposed to say? But Jets fans have been hearing that for over a decade, from multiple coaching staffs. They have to be tired of hearing about it because it’s way past exhausting to keep writing about. Still all fans can hope for is somehow, someway, someone comes up with an answer this time.

“I really think it’s the way we’re starting,” Zach Wilson said. “I don’t know what it is. We have got to figure that out over this bye week, how to fix that. I’ve got to play better at the start as well.”

Wilson is correct, he absolutely has to be better. Especially on short passes. It’s baffling how bad he has been on short passes the entire season. His accuracy on the simplest throws is way off. There’s a lot of bad happening around the rookie but that’s something that only he can control.

Stinky offense aside the biggest surprise today was just how inept the defense looked especially on third downs. The Falcons converted 9-14 on third downs. 9-14!!! The Falcons!!! Without Calvin Ridley!!! Turns out all they really needed was rookie tight end Kyle Pitts. Pitts caught nine passes for 119 yards and a touchdown. Pitts and Cordarrelle Patterson were more than enough for the Falcons to jump out to a 20-3 halftime lead and Mike Davis was enough to stave off the Jets in the second half.

The best thing this team has going for them right now is the bye week. The schedule the rest of the way is filled with what should be winnable games, but this team has a ton to correct before they can expect to beat anyone.