The Jets got their second win of the season yesterday and I’m just going to be honest with you, Jets fans. I’m at a loss for what to say to you all today. I have plenty of takes and thoughts about the offseason, but there will be plenty of time for that later. Two straight wins, after 13 straight losses left fans daydreaming for Trevor Lawrence only to have their hearts shattered as they watched their grand prize slip away.

This has been a miserable season for Jets fans, but the large majority of Jets fans handled those 13 straight losses exceptionally well. They were at peace with the losing. Hell they legitimately wanted to go 0-16. If there was ever a year to go 0-16, 2020 was that year. When people think back on 2020, going 0-16 would still be way at the bottom of the list of things to remember about this cursed year. Then there’s the fact that many Jets fans wanted to go 0-16 so Adam Gase had to wear that 0-16 shame. Obviously 1-15 and still getting the first overall pick would normally be preferred, but many fans wanted to hold up 0-16, point to Adam Gase and say, “see, we told you he was a terrible hire.”

Instead the Jets shocked the sleepwalking Rams last week then cemented themselves in the second overall draft position with a win against a depleted Browns team. There’s nothing good to talk about in regards to this win, okay that one John Franklin-Myers sack was crazy. But that’s it. The Browns were without three starting offensive lineman and their top four receivers, there was absolutely nothing impressive about this win.

It would be one thing if the win came with a great game from Sam Darnold (it wasn’t even good), with Denzel Mims and Ty Johnson racking up the yards and points, but nope. It was Darnold throwing for a measly 175 yards (remember the Browns defense is bad, folks) on 32 passes of which he only completed half of them. He threw for 5.5 yards per attempt and finished with a 36.4 QBR. That was not a, “see, Sam proved something game.” Not unless you’re saying it proved the Jets need to go in another direction at quarterback.

Mims had zero catches, Ty Johnson had all of two carries. He got 12 yards on those two carries, is clearly the best back on this roster, and yet Frank Gore got 14 carries while averaging 3.4 yards per carry. La’Mical Perine returned so he could take nine carries for a paltry 3.3 yards per carry.

The truly hilarious part of all of this is, the Jets still barely won the game. There’s zero doubt the Browns would’ve won this game easily if not for the COVID restrictions and they still had to barely squeak by. There’s nothing to celebrate with this win. The players can celebrate, they can be happy. Don’t tweet your anger at the players, they deserve to enjoy something. But yes, these past two wins ruined what would’ve been a delightful offseason.

It would’ve been an offseason of peace and unity. Everyone excited and on the same page. Draft Trevor Lawrence. Now we will have three different quarterback camps. The Zach Wilson Camp, the Justin Fields camp and the Trey Lance camp. We’ll have another camp of people who never watched a snap of those three emphatically telling everyone they’ll all be busts. You’ll have the trade down and build around Darnold takes, which is the absolute worst of all the takes. It’s going to be a nightmare of an offseason. There is no simple, obvious answer anymore. It’s all up for debate, which means we’re going to have to sit through some absurd debates.

There’s just one more pitiful week to go in this horrid season. Adam Gase will be fired and we can shift our focus to the next coach. Then we’ll shift to free agency and the draft. Fans will talk themselves back into hope soon enough, but all that hope has to be placed in two places. Hope and pray with all your soul that the Jets make a good coaching hire. And hope and pray that Joe Douglas knows the correct path to take in free agency and the draft. Douglas has the cap money and draft capital to turn this team around, now he has to prove he’s the man for the job.