Hello Jets fans! I have some news for you. JetsInsider.com is under new ownership, my ownership. My name is Chris Nimbley and I am the new owner of JetsInsider.com.

If you know this site than you know me or are at least familiar with my work. I started here at JetsInsider as an intern during Rex Ryan’s second season, so the second year of the back-to-back AFC Championship game run, I got hired full-time the following season and well, the Jets fortunes has taken a wild and drastic turn in the wrong direction and it very well could be my fault. Probably not, I highly doubt I have that much influence, or any influence at all really, on the universe, but I’m comfortable with you pinning the blame on me if you’d like to. I went from beat writer to Editor-in-Chief and my writing took a backseat, I’m here now to tell you there will be changes to this site but hopefully only changes for the better. Starting with me getting back to writing more, much more.

This site is now mine and it will be my vision. It will be the type of content I enjoy making and consuming, it will be informative but it will also be fun. All types of fun. For those that do know me they know I’m about my fun, I’m about my jokes and I will absolutely make sure I do my job to inform but I’m going to do it in ways that will make you laugh and in ways we can all have fun and enjoy. There will be far more offseason coverage, far more draft-related content, gambling content, as well as more content that may only be tangentially related to the Jets (think more content focusing on the division, the conference and weekly opponents). There will be changes, but mostly more me, more and different content and more fun.

I had a full-time job, a well paying full-time job at that, before I ever even thought about being a sportswriter. At 28-years-old I quit that job to go back to school for journalism. My previous job wasn’t challenging me anymore, I got bored and couldn’t imagine being stuck there for the rest of my life. I found myself wasting time reading about sports online all day and thought, ‘hey, I can do this.” So, I went back to school, got the internship, graduated with a degree in Communications and a minor in Journalism and have been writing about the Jets ever since. I bring a different perspective than most sportswriters, I don’t care about many of things sportswriters normally care about. I didn’t get into this job to break news and be the first to report a signing 15 seconds before the entire world knows about it. I respect that hustle, I’m just not about that hustle. I talk to sources, but I very rarely trust those sources enough to run with what they tell me. Sources often use reporters for a variety of reasons and the information can be misleading at best, if you pay attention to reports you should always think about who that report benefits the most and you’ll usually be able to figure out the source of the information. Of course sources give reporters correct information as well, usually with an understanding that the reporter will pedal some other reports in the future that will serve the source’s interest. I’m not interested in playing that game, I just love talking about football.

I like evaluating, I like breaking things down. Getting to the root of why certain things work and certain things don’t. I don’t just shoot out wild takes from the hip, I think my takes through. All the way through. I’m wrong often, I will be wrong more, but there will be logic and consistency behind all of my takes. I am on the Jets beat, I work alongside all the other traditional Jets beat writers so I will do my fair share of straight journalism, but I have more freedom than the others and I damn sure plan to take full advantage of that. I never tried to apply for a traditional beat writer job simply because I didn’t want to have to do all the traditional beat writer things. Beat writers have to write a bunch of boring nonsense, they have to sometimes write fluff/gossipy/sensationalized pieces, they have editors to deal with and listen to. I didn’t quit my previous job to do something that I sometimes loved, I quit that job to always be doing what I love. I stayed with JetsInsider and waited for my opportunity to make this move. The opportunity came and I bet on myself.

Basically what I’m saying is that I’m making myself half beat writer/half columnist and I’m going to enjoy the hell of out of it and I hope you do as well.

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