The Jets were utterly humiliated in a blowout so predictable that I actually wrote this sentence during the first quarter.

It seems as though the Jets, having abandoned hope of ever being competitive with their opponent, have instead began competing among themselves to see who sucks more. For their part, Gregg Williams and Adam Gase dueled to settle that very question; both orchestrating awful game-plans and exchanging spicy quotes through the media (never face to face, obviously). The wide receivers dropped easy passes. The corners got toasted. Joe Flacco took a twenty eight (a two and then an eight) yard sack…it would’ve been the saddest play I’ve ever seen if I wasn’t 100% certain that Flacco is too rich and checked out to be embarrassed. Flacco finished 21/44 for 186 yards and a pick…good for a scintillating 4.2 YPA. 

The game was over by the third Dolphins drive of the game, so the Fins were forced to entertain themselves to pass the time: scoring touchdowns with players who I’m 90% sure aren’t real. Seriously, when you’re getting bodied by a man named DURHAM SMYTH it’s time to call it a day. The final insult was when the Dolphins finally took the bubble wrap off their shiny QB prospect: Tua Tagovailoa. They waited until the last drive of the game, and the Jets defense was doubtless disappointed they didn’t have more time to rack up personal foul penalties against the young signal caller. 

This season has been embarrassing, boring, offensive…and maybe it’s exactly what the Jets needed. It’s clear that this ownership group has been desperate for any reason to retain Adam Gase…anything to avoid the inevitable conclusion that they made one of the worst hires in the history of the league. This year, the Jets might’ve been bad and kept Adam Gase. They might’ve even been really bad and still kept Adam Gase. Instead, Gase has masterminded the worst season in Jets history. He has trotted out the worst offense I’ve ever seen. He has ruined the young quarterback he was hired to mentor. He has chased every player with a modicum of talent off the team. He’s mismanaged injuries. Today, he presided over an offense that mustered TWO combined passing yards in the second and third quarter….and he waited until there was seven minutes left in the game to have his first conversation with his quarterback. He has left absolutely no doubt as to who he is. He has given the Jets no choice but to finally start moving in the right direction. This year, the Jets will be the worst team in football. Therefore, they will fire Adam Gase, they will draft Trevor Lawrence, and they will pair him with a new coach of Joe Douglas’ choosing. The Jets will be on the right track for the first time in almost a decade, not in spite of Adam Gase’s incompetence, but because of it.