Jets fans furious with Antonio Brown and the Patriots for joining forces can now hope that their move to team-up might also end up benefiting the Jets.

After the Patriots signed Brown they decided they literally had too many receivers and agreed to trade Demaryius Thomas to the Jets for a 2021 sixth-round draft pick.

Thomas, 31-years-old, is a former Pro Bowl receiver looking to bounce back from suffering a torn Achilles last December. Thomas was with the Denver Broncos with Adam Gase as his receivers coach (2010-2013) and offensive coordinator (2013-2014). Thomas is is not the player he once was in those Broncos offense but the Jets are hoping he can bring a veteran’s presence and at least give them some depth as a trusted receiver.

Inter-division trades are rare and naturally people will wonder if Bill Belichick being willing to trade Thomas inside the division means that Belichick sees no harm in trading him inside the division. That would be correct of course, but it wouldn’t matter if the Patriots traded Antonio Brown to the Jets either. The Patriots would still be the better team and the Jets wouldn’t scare Belichick at all. Whether or not Thomas can help the Jets against teams that aren’t the Patriots remains to be seen, but at the cost of a 2021 sixth-round pick it’s obviously worth a roll of the dice.


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