There is plenty of blame to spread around when reviewing the New York Jets offense.

As a New York Jets fan for well over 30 years, I have seen my fair share of putrid play. 2019 has been about as putrid as it gets so far. OK, it has been downright embarrassing. There are times where I haven’t wanted to watch. Most fans out there agree, and much of the blame has been focused on one man, Adam Gase.

Now I am no Adam Gase supporter. I was against the hire since day one. I will be the first to tell you that there has been plenty to blame on Gase. The fact that Luke Falk didn’t receive any first team reps until Friday was absolutely ridiculous. The fact that they ran the football on every first down play this past Sunday leaves something to be desired. The 55 yard field goal attempt into the wind during the game left a lot to be desired as well.

However, to say it’s all on Gase is just not fair. Look at the numbers. The Jets drive has started, on average, at their own 23 yard line. No play caller is going to be calling many trick plays from deep in their own end. Moving on, we see that they have averaged 4.6 plays per drive and 14.3 yards per drive. That amounts to the occasional first down, every so often. Is that on Gase? Somewhat. He is supposed to be that innovator that is taking offense the way it’s headed in the future.

But why else can’t they move that football? The offensive line. It is ranked dead last, at least according to Football Outsiders. Their adjusted line yards per carry comes in at 3.02 and the sack percentage is 15.3%. To say that the line has been bad would be putting it mildly. It’s hard to get very creative with the play calling when you can’t even block well enough to execute a simple inside handoff. Le’Veon Bell has been running into brick walls and it’s nothing short of a miracle that Falk hasn’t been hurt.

Should Gase change up the play calling? Sure. Some crossing patterns and getting guys in space would be nice. But don’t expect him to get too crazy until they get the basics down. That doesn’t feel like it’s happening any time soon.

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