The Jets had their Gotham Green backsides tanned Chiefs red as they were walloped 35-9 by the defending champs. 

This game has been circled on a lot of people’s calendar’s all year…the day that the worst team in the NFL played possibly it’s best: the Kansas City Chiefs. We all expected this game to be the equivalent of the gigantic Monty Python foot crushing a tiny bug asunder. Instead, the Jets surprised us; it was more like the bug struggled with the foot for a little bit before being crushed anyway.

In the first half, the Jets absolutely exploded on offense, unleashing a deluge of nine points. A truly inspirational performance. Granted, Kansas City scored 21, but that hardly seems relevant. Giddy at what amounted to their best offensive stretch of the season, the Jets were clearly content to pack it in at halftime. They didn’t score a single point in the second half. After getting a spark from promising rookie Denzel Mims, the Jets only looked his way once after halftime. Meanwhile, vascular garden gnome Braxton Berrios was stuffed with eleven targets because Adam Gase. Perhaps the only thing sparing Gase from further shame was the fact that former Jet Le’Veon Bell only received six carries. However, the only real way to spare Gase from embarrassment would be to unburden him from the public humiliation he experiences every week. At this point, firing him would be for his own good. Let him go back to what he loves: folding Peyton Manning’s laundry and ignoring his family. 

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes racked up 416 yards and threw for five touchdowns, which is very good. Jets QB Sam Darnold finished 18/30, 133 yards and 4.4 yards per attempt, which is very bad. It’s hard to remember the last time Darnold had a good game, or even threw for 200 yards. He can’t even trick people into thinking he’s good anymore. It would have to be considered a surprise if the Jets didn’t draft his replacement in the first round this year. 

Really, the only Jets who came to play were the emerging youngsters Quinnen Williams (3 TKLs, 2 TFLs) and Mekhi Becton. Pretty much everyone else was either bad or underwhelming. Feels like you could just copy and paste the same thing every week. 

So here’s another familiar refrain: the Jets are going 0-16, baby. And while things might seem bleak now, the Jets are merely a coach, a quarterback, four new offensive linemen, two corners, two edge rushers, two to three new receivers, a new running back, two new tight ends, and a revamped strength and conditioning program away from making some serious noise.