Well the first half was pretty exciting, right? With Dowell Loggains calling the plays the offense didn’t feel nearly as predictable. Sure, we still saw ill-timed screens and a run on second-and-long, but far less than usual. We saw bootlegs and play-action, even some misdirection. Denzel Mims making plays, catches and blocks and fellow rookie, La’Mical Perine running behind said block for a touchdown. Bryce Huff, Tarell Bashman and John Franklin-Myers making plays on defense. It seemed… almost hopeful.

The Jets went into the half with a 10-6 lead but it was how the first half ended that set the tone for the second half. Sam Darnold looked really sharp in the first half, including hitting on one of the most beautiful passes you’ve ever seen. He made two bad plays in the entire half and those plays turned into many more in the second half. The first bad play he had Denzel Mims open for a first down, took too long to see him and had the pass broken up. The Jets had to settle for a field goal. The second bad play looked identical to how that beautiful pass looked except it ended in the Bills hands. Darnold, the offense and the hope never recovered.

Darnold started the game going 11-13 for 166 yards and no turnovers. A promising start fresh back from injury, he ended the day 12-23 for 120 and two interceptions. In case you’re truly terrible at math that’s a second half stat line of 1-9 for four yards and an interception. Darnold was under a good deal of pressure, but he also simply wasn’t good enough. The good is just so good with Darnold, but there’s never enough of it. Especially when the bad is embarrassingly bad. And there’s much more of the bad. All the stuff in the middle isn’t anywhere near good enough either.

Meanwhile the Bills will be happy with the win, but disappointed they couldn’t turn this into a laugher. For the first time the season the Jets covered the spread. Sure, it took two missed field goals, a handful of Josh Allen reckless plays, but they covered. If the Bills were hoping to use the Jets as a get right game, after losing their last two, they still have a lot more they need to get right moving forward. Any other team in the league would’ve been able to beat the Bills today. Fortunately for them they didn’t play any other team, they played the Jets.

The Jets drop to 0-7 and remain the only winless team in the league. Adam Gase relented play-calling duties so who knows what other duties he actually has now. And up next on the schedule is Patrick Mahomes and a Le’Veon Bell revenge game. The tank is still on and strong.