“Yeah, Moe, that team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked. I’ve seen teams suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.” – Homer J. Simpson

The Jets ran 13 more plays than the Dolphins, had the ball for over three minutes more than the Dolphins and won the turnover battle 2-1. Yet the Dolphins scored 24 points to the Jets zero. The Jets actually ran the ball well, 115 yards on 22 attempts (5.2 yards per carry). Of course that means nothing when the quarterback goes 21-44 for a measly 148 yards (3.1 yards per attempt).

The most productive thing the Jets did all day was trade Steve McLendon immediately after the game ended. They should do more of that.

The Jets are still on pace for the worst point differential in the modern era, but after yesterday also of any era. Adam Gase is still the coach and there’s only one acceptable reason for this. The Jets are trying to ensure that they go 0-16.

The Falcons and Giants both got their first wins of the season yesterday, leaving the Jets as the lone, sad and pathetic winless team. It’s time to strip this team down and sell off the spare parts. All of them that can go. There’s not a lot with much value, but get whatever you can, while you can, because damn near everything has to go.

Mekhi Becton is really the only true untouchable piece. But technically every rookie and second-year player will be safe. People are speculating about Quinnen Williams, but he has a dead money cap hit next year of just over $19 million. That cap hit stays with the Jets if he’s traded, no one is giving up enough draft capital to make it worth it for the Jets.

George Fant has been a pleasant surprise this year and looks to have been a good signing by Joe Douglas. So keep him and Becton, then focus Douglas’ attention on upgrading the guard spots. John Franklin-Myers and Bryce Huff look to be quality finds, they have value with this team moving forward. Everyone else can go.

Brian Poole, Marcus Maye, Jamison Crowder. There’s not a lot of options that will actually bring anything of note back, but get what you can now. The tricky one is Sam Darnold. My instinct is to say you can’t trade Darnold until you know you’re drafting Trevor Lawerence. But the easiest way to mess up and get a win is to let Darnold play quarterback again. Trading him would solve that potential problem.

Trading Darnold in season might very well get you more in return than waiting until the offseason. It might not, but I think it would because of the fifth-year-option. If the Jets finish with the first overall pick, they will not be giving Darnold the fifth-year-option. Which means any team trading for him after this season would have one-year to evaluate him on his rookie contract before deciding to move forward or not on an extension. If a team traded for him in season, they could use the rest of this year to decide if they want to exercise the fifth-year-option to give them two full years on a rookie contract.

Admittedly I’m suggesting this as an option because I want what’s best for Darnold. Getting him out of here as soon as possible is what’s best for him. If the Jets can get some extra draft capital then everyone wins. Of course it depends on the offers, but Douglas needs to entertain all offers. This team is so devoid of talent all they can do now is collect picks to hope to restock the talent as quickly as possible.