If you’ve paid attention to any part of Jets’ training camp this year, you understand why WR Elijah Moore has been dominating the headlines. The rookie has consistently produced up to this point in camp while also providing highlight reel plays that have left fans in awe. With Moore combining constant production with flashes of superstar potential, the hype around the Ole Miss product has reached a point to where some believe he could eclipse 1,000 receiving yards.

It’s evident that being the seventh wide receiver drafted and not going in the first round has motivated Moore tremendously. According to Moore’s teammates and coaches, his work ethic and his potential to be an elite player stood out immediately. Head Coach, Robert Saleh said on August 2nd that Moore is, “already ahead of the game with regards to how he studies, takes care of his body, the way he approaches practice, the way he approaches each rep.” Saleh also stressed Moore is more than just a slot receiver. Due to his smarts, mental capacity, and that, “He’s got the ability to play outside, inside, gadget, whatever you want him to do.”

Saleh’s hopes for Moore have translated onto the practice field, as he has produced both as an outside and slot receiver. At Monday’s practice, Moore was beating slot corners off the line repeatedly while also breaking out a video-game like routes from the outside receiver position.

In a similar vein to Saleh’s comments, offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur said Moore, “wants to be as good as he could possibly be. He’s just ultra-prepared, he knows what he’s doing.” LaFleur also said that Moore rarely makes the same mistake twice, and only makes one when, “he flat out doesn’t know what he is doing.” LaFleur feels that Moore is only scratching his potential in this offensive scheme, and is excited about Moore’s skillset shining through.

From the perspective of Zach Wilson, Moore has taken advantage of the opportunities put in front of him. “Elijah is just taking advantage of winning on his routes and getting open, and that’s why we’re finding each other. He’s been doing a good job. When he knows what is going on, he is hard to stop,” said Wilson. Their connection has been a common theme throughout training camp, as Moore is becoming the versatile receiving threat that every good offense needs.

Fellow receiver Corey Davis had praise for Moore as well. Davis said, “He’s a great player, man. He’s a great dude. He’s real comfortable out there, like he’s been here before, and he doesn’t really seem like a rookie.” Davis also said Moore’s mindset is “crazy” and how he is already leading the other receivers. Davis expects Moore to not only do a lot for the other other wide receivers, but to be an asset for the Jets in general.

With his reputation of being a leader combined with stellar practice performances, it is easy to see why fans, coaches, and teammates alike are ecstatic for Elijah Moore’s rookie season. The Jets have not been accustomed to explosive offensive talent in recent years, with their last 1,000 yard receivers being Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker in 2015. But if Moore continues to work with a chip on his shoulder and dominate like he has up to this point, there is no reason why he cannot be the Jets’s next superstar playmaker.