Hahahaha, who cares?

Seriously though, the Jets drafted Sam Darnold last year and while it’s too early to say they have definitely found their franchise quarterback for the next 10-15 years, we have certainly seen more than enough from Darnold to know there’s no need to look at the quarterbacks in this draft. And thank god for that because this is not the year to want a quarterback.

No pouring over college quarterback tape, no trying to talk yourself into why this guy might be able to one day turn into a completely different quarterback and no pointing out the obvious flaws of a quarterback to fans that have already talked themselves into a specific “savior.” To be able to skip the entire draft conversation around quarterbacks really is a wonderful feeling, now if Mike Maccagnan can put enough talent around Darnold maybe we can look forward to a decade plus of skipping those debates entirely.

But just for fun, and so that this headline isn’t a complete and total lie, let’s rank the quarterbacks from the 2019 draft class even though I haven’t watched a single second of tape on any of these questions. I’ve seen them all play on tv during live games, but haven’t bothered to go back and look at any film.

  1. Kyler Murray – If you need a quarterback this year then you want it to be Kyler Murray.
  2. Wait until next year for Tua Tagovailoa
  3. Wait until next year for Justin Herbert
  4. Wait until next year for Jake Fromm
  5. Wait until 2021 for Trevor Lawerence (this should actually be higher, maybe even number two)
  6. Dwayne Haskins – I think Haskins can be a perfectly fine NFL quarterback, but I think you’re always going to want more out of him than he is capable of giving.
  7. Drew Lock – Yayyy! Strong arm! Yet, I’m not a fan
  8. Daniel Jones – Sure, I guess
  9. Gardner Minshew – Dude has a sweet mustache
  10. Will Grier
  11. Brett Rypien
  12. Ryan Finley
  13. Jarrett Stidham 

This entire article was just an excuse to pander to you Jets fans and point out how happy you should be to have Darnold and be able to skip all this nonsense this year. Revel in it, soak it in, you’ve earned this.

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