Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Jets used a pair of late round picks on defenders with impressive athletic profiles. 

The Jets clearly hope to strike gold by getting players have the athletic potential to play above their draft slot. You buy enough lottery tickets, you’re sure to hit the jackpot at some point right? 

With the 200th pick, the Jets selected Kentucky cornerback Brandin Echols. Speedy and undersized, Echols was impressive in 2019 but is coming off a down year guarding larger receivers this past season. He may move to the slot.

With their (as of now) last pick in the draft, the Jets took Arkansas defensive tackle Jonathan Marshall. DT isn’t a need for the Jets (when has it ever been), but Marshall has a pretty staggering athletic profile and as I’ve said endlessly today: the third day is all about finding players wherever you can. If you think a guy has even a remote shot to be a player, you take him regardless of position. The Jets are clearly taking as many lottery tickets as they can in the late stages of the draft…not a bad process.

And with that, the Jets have completed their 2021 draft. We’ll check back in shortly with some closing thoughts.