Miami Gardens, Fla. – Enough. After eight games of the Adam Gase experience it’s time to recognize reality. Gase was a bad hire when it was made and it’s somehow turned into an even worse hire than anyone imagined.

Yes, this roster (especially the offensive line) is an absolute disaster. Mike Maccagnan had done such a horrific job assembling this roster that the fault can’t be entirely put on Gase, but Gase has done absolutely nothing to help this roster play competent football. You can debate just how much of this failure of a season is Gase’s fault, but there’s simply no denying that Gase isn’t helping at all.

The team is bad, really, spectacularly bad. They lack discipline and are poorly coached on both sides of the field. How many times is Gregg Williams’ defense going to give up a crucial third-down because he has a linebacker (only backup linebackers at this point) getting beat in coverage by a tight end or running back? How many times are one of his cornerbacks going to simply fail to turn their head around to make a play?

How many times is Gase going to run the ball when he should pass the ball and pass the ball when he should run the ball? The offensive line may be devoid of talent, but how many times are they going to blow assignments and put their 22-year-old quarterback in awful positions? How many times are they going to be penalized, canceling out positive plays and killing the entire drive? How many times can one team be embarrassed in what was supposed to be a competitive season? How much more regression from said 22-year-old quarterback can be tolerated before enough is enough?

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 288 yards and three touchdowns while completing 24 of 36 passes. Tight end Mike Gesicki had six catches for 95 yards, coming into this game Gesicki had 355 career receiving yards. The Jets offense once again followed up an opening-drive touchdown by continually shooting themselves in the foot. The offensive line can’t block, nor can they figure out when to snap the ball with their last chance to attempt to comeback. Gase inexplicably looked at how horrible his offensive line has been at run-blocking and decided to run the ball on back-to-back third-and-fourths.

This team is an abject failure, a complete a total disaster and nothing proves that more than getting completely outclassed in every phase to an organization that is trying to lose. How much is this the fault of Gase? Who knows, but it’s definitely not not his fault. Fire everyone. Wait until after the season is you must, but the Johnson’s really shouldn’t wait.

Gase was hired specifically to work with Sam Darnold and bring out the best in the young quarterback, yet Darnold has regressed. A lot of that regression is because of how putrid the offensive line has been, but regression is regression, it really doesn’t matter how it happened just that it has indeed happened. Regardless of the lack of talent the coach still has to shoulder a good chunk of that blame especially when we can all see the blown assignments each and every week. Fire everyone.

Fire everyone and hold some sort of contest to let fans win the chance to coach the team for a week. I’m sure the NFL wouldn’t allow it but who cares? The Johnson’s are billionaires, pay the measly fine and do something to reward some fans for all the torture and misery this team has inflicted on them. How embarrassing could it be? Could it possibly be more embarrassing than what they’re doing now?

Fire everyone. Then fire them again just because.


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