Florham Park, NJ – It’s official Jets fans! Whether you like it or not, Adam Gase has officially been named the 19th head coach of the New York Jets. Gase, along with CEO Christopher Johnson and General Manager Mike Maccagnan, addressed the media today at the practice facility in Florham Park. Gase spent the last three seasons as the Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins and is the second head coach in NFL history to coach both the Dolphins and the Jets. Here is an Interesting fact for fans; the first person to coach both teams was none other but Todd Bowles when he took over as an interim coach in Miami with three games left in the 2011 season.

Lasting only 15 minutes, today’s introductory press conference was rather brief and had Gase answer 12 questions. Gase said that the fact that he knows so much about the Jets since he played them twice a season will help him as he adjusts to coaching a new AFC East team and he added that the idea of working with a young quarterback was the real reason he wanted this job. According to all parties the vision Gase has for the franchise synched with Johnson and Maccagnan, which distinguished Gase from the rest of the crowd. His first step as head coach is to make sure he puts together a quality coaching staff.

“Putting a coaching staff together. That’s where we have to start,” Gase said. “We can’t skip steps and start evaluating the roster before we even have coaches here. That’s going to be our number one priority, getting coordinators and working our way down after that. Once, we’ve got that accomplished, we’ll start to do our evaluations and move into free agency.”

There has been a report that the Jets are going to hire former Cleveland Browns interim head coach Gregg Williams as there next defensive coordinator but Gase did not comment on the rumor. Gase plans to meet with the staff here in the next couple of days and explore all of their options.

“I really wanted to get in here this weekend and get my process started,” Gase said. “Once we hit tomorrow, I’ll be able to sit down and talk with a lot of these guys.” One coach that will be returning from 2018 is special teams coordinator Brant Boyer who recently had his contract extended.

Maccagnan believes that he and Gase are on the same page with each other, of course he said that numerous times about himself and Bowles as well. Gase, Maccagnan’s first head coaching hire as a general manager, believes that he will bring a competitive nature to the team. During the interview process, Maccagnan said that Gase was, “Very direct. He definitely had energy and a passion about him which I liked. But he also balances that out with being very smart and cerebral too.” Gase and Maccagnan will work close with each other come March to sign upcoming free agents with $100 million in cap space. One huge difference for Gase is that in Miami, he had the final say over the 53-man roster, but for the Jets, Maccagnan will still rule the roost. This will likely be another area where they will both work closely together to create the new and improved 2019 New York Jets.

Johnson made sure to address the fans who were not happy with the hire by saying, “I think that they will see this, if not right now then pretty soon, as a great hire. I’m not trying to win Twitter. I’m trying to win football games. I think we’re going to win some football games here.” Johnson also added that what separated Gase from the other coaches the Jets interviewed, including Mike McCarthy, is that “Adam took it to a new level.” 2019 will be Johnson’s third season as the CEO of the Jets who also announced that the team will not have a playoff mandate next season.

As Miami’s head coach, Gase went 10-6 in his first season and made the playoffs, only to lose in the AFC Wild Card game 30-12. The next two seasons were disappointing with the Dolphins, going 6-10, 7-9, and missing the playoffs. Gase finished with a record of 23-25 in his first NFL head coaching stint. Before joining the Dolphins, Gase worked with the Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos, working with each team’s offense in different capacities. He’s best known for his offensive coaching duties in Denver and his relationship with Peyton Manning. Manning threw 55 touchdowns in 2013 helping the Broncos reach the Super Bowl. Now with his sixth NFL team, Adam Gase has a fresh new start to turn the New York Jets around and develop franchise quarterback Sam Darnold.

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