Let’s just get this over with. 

Today, the Jets lost to the Miami Dolphins. It was their eleventh straight loss, bringing them one step closer to the first overall pick and me one step closer to the brink of insanity. You want a recap of this game? The first half can be summed up in two words: Frank Gore. Despite stating earlier in the week that he didn’t want to run the offense through Frank Gore, the THRITY SEVEN year old running back racked up sixteen touches in the first half as the Dolphins jumped out to an early lead.

Three words for the second half: three and out. As the Jets defense came away with turnovers and stops right and left, the Jets offense squandered it all again and again and again. 

Listen to this sequence from the third quarter: Sam Darnold’s brain falls out of his body and throws one of the dumbest interceptions you’ll ever see…as he does. The defense gets them the ball back. Pass behind the line of scrimmage. Pass behind the line of scrimmage. Pass behind the line of scrimmage. Punt. Oh my God.

Watching this game tapped into a well of rage I didn’t know I still had. I didn’t think it was possible for me to still get angry about the 2020 Jets. I didn’t think they could possibly sink any lower. Today, their eleventh straight loss, somehow felt like a low point. How, I found myself asking, could a team be this incompetent? They’re a professional football team! They do this for a living! You are reading the etchings of a man losing his sanity in real time.

And you know what else? It was easy. Every week it feels like the Jets bring out the absolute worst effort out of their opponent. It’s like teams inherently know that they can sleepwalk through the entire game and still clobber the Jets, and they’re always right. It reminds me of Dragon Ball Z when a villain would beat someone down before revealing they were only using 50% of their true power.

 After the game, Gase insisted that it was O.C Dowell Loggains and not him that had been calling the plays all day. A blatant lie that the Jets beat immediately sniffed out. I seriously encourage everyone reading this to stop and watch the video embedded below. It defies belief. 

Caught red handed in a lie. For anyone with an iota of leadership or character, it would be a simple thing to hold oneself accountable. Take for instance: oh, I don’t know…the guy the Jets were going to hire but decided last minute that he wasn’t capable of picking out a capable coaching staff.

 That’s how a leader behaves. But Gase isn’t a leader…he’s a rat. Willing to lie and throw his colleagues under the bus if he thinks it’ll afford him the opportunity to ruin yet another season in New York. Thankfully, it will not happen. 

It won’t happen because ultimately, Gase was hired to make Sam Darnold a star. Instead, he turned Darnold into a black hole…playing so horribly that he swallowed up any rays of light from his supporting cast and left the Jets with no chance to win. The offensive line was good. The receivers were excellent. The defense was tremendous. Ultimately, none of those performances were good enough to make up for how abominable Darnold was. The Jets would’ve had a shot to win this game if Joe Flacco had been at quarterback. They would’ve won if they’d started Andy Dalton. For anyone still holding out any hope that Darnold could be a decent quarterback, it might be time to step away and reevaluate that position. 

Better yet, re-evaluate how you spend your Sundays. Re-evaluate your entire life. If this goes on for much longer, fans will stop caring and they will stop watching. Fans who keep watching will go crazy and stab somebody. This team is a circus, and it’s Jokerizing all of it’s fans.