Florham Park, NJ – After disappearing before last Friday night’s game against the Giants cornerback Dimitri Patterson has finally been located.

John Idzik confirmed with reporters that Patterson got in touch with the team, through agent Drew Rosenhaus, and meet with them at their Florham Park facilities last night. This is obviously a weird situation, but all we can infer at this moment was Idzik and coach Rex Ryan weren’t completely satisfied with Patterson’s reason for going AWOL as Idzik told a group of reporters that they have suspended Patterson indefinitely.

Since the news of his disappearence speculation has, obviously, run rampant with people creating all types of possible explanations. Most of the theories revolve around the veteran cornerback’s long injury history, was he frustrated with his current injuries? Contemplating retirement? Or did he just break under the pressure?

Jets GM John Idzik wouldn't get into the details of Dimitri Patterson's disappearance, but he did inform the media that Patterson will be suspended indefinitely.

“I just wanted to give you a brief update on Dimitri Patterson. As we all know, as we stated yesterday, he was absent for a number of days including our game. He did come in and talked with Rex and me last night. It’s always good to speak directly so there’s nothing lost in translation, there’s nothing presumed.” Idzik said, “So, it’s good to finally speak to Dimitri and hear his side and I think what we’re going to do for now is he will be suspended indefinitely. That will give us a little time to gather more information around what led to his behavior and I think that way we’ll feel like we’ll make a very well informed decision as to what discipline will forthcoming and there will be discipline involved.”

Idzik wouldn’t get into any details as to the reasons for Patterson’s disappearance, saying that the conversations will remain private and also saying that they will continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the situation.

“The conversations we had with Dimitri will remain private, but he presented what led up to that and basically last night was a listening session for Rex and for me, to understand what went into it. Now that the lines of communication are open there will be a two-way discourse now, which I think will be healthy.” Idzik said, “I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions that way. This is merely just hearing everybody out, this is the first time we had a chance to talk to Dimitri and now let’s talk to some other folks and just gather all the information that we can so, that we feel like we acted appropriately.”

Idzik did say he thinks the suspension will be brief and that the indefinite suspension, “just allows us some time to gather some information and make a decision that we feel is best for the team.”

While he wouldn’t get into the details of the conversation Idzik did say that, “obviously Dimitri feels like he acted appropriately, but until we discussed it last night you don’t understand and to be honest we’re still trying to understand all that went behind it. So I’d rather not characterize it.”

The Jets are under no obligation to share the full story with the media and fans, in fact if they have an obligation it’s to the player and the team so we shouldn’t ever expect to get a full explanation unless Patterson himself decides to share the story with us, which of course isn’t likely to happen while he’s suspended.

The only thing that really matters is if the team feels comfortable with Patterson’s commitment to this team and that’s exactly what Idzik and his staff are focusing on at this time.

“That’s what we’re going to try and decipher. That’s what you really want to get down to the bottom of it, when we say we’re going to do what’s best for the team, we always have the team in mind.” Idzik said, “We expect all the members of our team to think that way. That’s what we think is acting like a Jet.”
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